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Isha Vidya provides holistic education relevant in todays times to underpriviliged children in rural India along with providing them wholesome mid-day meals. Isha Vidhya runs 10 rural schools in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh , with 8500 kids from LKG to 12th Std.60% of the children are first generation school goers. Isha Vidya also conducts intervention programmes in 26 Govt schools in Tamil Nadu wherein they train teachers and support academic success of students. Isha vidya children achieve 100% pass results in both 10th & 12th Std public exam, every year. Against all odds, in 2019-20 alone, 197 students won prizes in Zonal, District, State and National level competitions in Talent Olympiads, Handwriting,Archery, Taekwondo, Kabadi, Kho-kho, Volleyball, Throw ball, Athletics and Long Jump. In fact, 2 students won prizes at International level in Archery. Isha Vidya is championing the cause of affordable quality in rural India and bridging the socioeconomic divide between urban and rural India. I earnestly request you to support a child's education as this can empower them and help them reach their highest potential. Please give generously,yet know,No amount is small! Scholarship (Tuition fee) per child per year -INR 18,000/$260/ £210
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` 64602 of ` 100000
About Me
It is a privilige for me to volunteer for Isha Vidya. In a very small way, it helps in making the 'change' we want to see in the world. I have been participating in the marathon in support of Isha Vidya for the past two years. The run may or may not happen this coming year. But every child must go to school. The ongoing pandemic has severely affected the families of our Isha Vidya children. We are a privileged lot and this is our opportunity to reach out and touch another life. Seeking your generous support to transform the lives of these children. No amount is small.
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"Lot of blessing from Nehal Akka"
Jayshri Ghadge
22nd March 2021
"Keep up the good work, Pranam 🙂"
Trina Dadrawala
23rd September 2020
"Thanks Isha for Everything"
Jayshri Ghadge
18th August 2020
My Fundraising Goal
` 64602 of ` 100000


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Isha Education
Isha Vidhya aims to provide high quality school education to rural children who cannot otherwise access or afford it. The holistic, activity-based approach nurtures children's development beyond just academics, ensuring that students realize their full potential and learn in a joyful manner.
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