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About 40% of school dropouts are due to lack of interest. And of those that do graduate, only 15% are employable. Children are naturally curious. They explore, question and wonder, and by doing so, learn. And curiosity flourishes only when children are engaged in fun and meaningful activities. Project STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) aims to promote learning through exploration and discovery amongst children from marginalized communities. Through this project, each child will receive a DIY STEAM kit with age appropriate experiments. This kit will enable a child to perform science experiments individually, and learn from them experientially. All experiments have been deliberately designed using frugal, everyday materials to promote exploration, innovation, problem solving, creativity, conceptual understanding and independence. Help a child get started on this journey of self-learning. Donate Rs. 1800 towards 1 DIY Kit.
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All children have such limitless potential, all they need is a nurturing and stimulating environment. Children from marginalized communities are deprived of this environment. Their only option is to seek free education, the quality of which is severely lacking. Thanks to UWM & our friends & family, Sayoni and I started Project STEAM to spark children's curiosity and enable them discover the joy of learning. Till date, we reached out to 160+ children. And it's rewarding to see the children have their 'Eureka' moments!
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