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Dear friends THE NEED TO LOOK AFTER OUR MENTAL WELLBEING HAS BECOME MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER. The setbacks owing to the pandemic COVID-19 have drastically impacted the society’s mental and emotional fabric. Each individual, across age, gender and occupation has been confronted with challenges leaving us emotionally fragile. It is widely believed that today’s increased stress, anxiety and fear, if unaddressed, will deteriorate our mental health and affect the quality of life. So, Artscape has opened access of the sessions to all and have designed content catering to various emotional needs of: COVID patients and caregivers, COVID Warriors, Children and young adults, Educators and parents, Employers and Employees, Victims of Domestic violence, Patients of other serious ailments. Sessions are led by Trained Facilitators who use Expressive Arts Therapy to guide participants in a therapeutic and safe space that allows them to connect with their emotional self, engage and express their emotions, relax and also learn coping mechanisms. Over 4 years we have impacted more than 30000+ lives through 4000+ Sessions. The demand of our work is high and financial support will allow us to sustain and increase our reach. Your contribution will enable personal transformations and enhance individuals and better both their personal and professional lives Thank you for DONATING to this collective cause. www.artscape.in | info@artscape.in
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My involvement with the performing Arts , first as a student and later a professional artiste, gave me an indepth understanding that the Arts can be used beyond entertainment, to achieve therapeutic goals. An interaction with Cancer Patients at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai paved the way for a greater purpose and intention. I studied for a diploma in Dance Movement Therapy and along a team with facilitators trained in Expressive Arts Therapy, founded Artscape in 2016, to deliver Sessions to foster emotional wellbeing. 4 yrs on, experience of interacting with 18000 + beneficiaries, feedback from contented participants, words of encouragement from partner agencies reinforces my belief that Arts can speak to us in a way no words can.
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My Fundraising Goal
` 2500 of ` 500000


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Artscape, established in 2015, designs and conducts Expressive Arts Therapy sessions to nurture a positive state of wellbeing among individuals from all age groups, occupation, and environment. Trained facilitators create art experiences to foster personal and professional growth. We believe that a positive mind leads to a positive life.
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