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My Campaign "ADHAR : a 27-year young pioneer institute in the field of providing life long care to Intellectually Disabled Special Adults. Visionary professional Sociologist Mr. Madhavrao Gore founded Adhar in 1990 with help from Parents of Intellectually Disabled Adults. Adhar now has two residential complexes at Badlapur and Nashik, accommodating 335+ specially-abled adults towards fulfilling this objective. Adhar focuses on providing a lifelong residency that can keep intellectually challenged adults happy and comfortable 24x7. We aim to provide them a meaningful life wherein the parents or guardians are completely relieved from the worry of taking complete care of their special child. Experts like Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Medical Officers, Social Workers, Trained Teachers, and Caretakers are always available to provide and care for the residents in Adhar. Additionally, we are now supporting the old parents of these intellectually disabled adults and taking care of them."
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COVID-19 has influenced everybody but few are affected the most. Large number of services and establishments were closed. However as an NGO taking 24X7 Lifelong care of specially-abled adults, we had to keep the show running without affecting a single thing. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected the donations going to NGOs. The financials are affected badly as expenses are fixed and donations have dropped. Now it's time to accept the things and get back, Get Back To Track and run with full vigour towards our goal. You also need to #GetBackToTrack & take your life to new normal. As an NGO we need your help bridge the widening deficit. Request you to create a fundraiser page for ADHAR & help us for Lifelong care of specially-abled adults
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