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Through my fundraising campaign at TMM 2020, we could bring the joy of books to children from an under-resourced school in a remote village in Assam. I had the privilege of firsthand witnessing their excitement upon receiving those books. Many of them were seeing books for the first time and could barely hold them upright! This year, I am reaching out for your support to introduce more children to the pleasures of reading. There are many more children in remote parts of the country lacking access to reading material. Let's make it possible to gift book sets and mini libraries to them!
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Thank you for taking a moment to go through my page. My name is Aishwarya. For the past 6 years, I have been working closely with children in low-income schools. I have always believed in the transformational power of education and find the deepest gratification while working on educational interventions for children from underserved communities. I am most passionate about bridging inequity in education and ensuring every child has access to opportunities for an excellent education.
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