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Having visited a Muktangan school, I was inspired by the colorful classrooms, engaged students and passionate teachers. Muktangan provides an inclusive, student-friendly, community based model of education within the mainstream system. In addition to providing an outstanding education across its 7 schools, Muktangan runs a strong advocacy programme aimed at government policy makers to enable its learnings to be incorporated into more mainstream schools.

Please support me in my endeavor to help the kids of Muktangan!

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Hi Friends – I am going to subject myself to running the Mumbai half marathon after a gap of a 3 years to raise funds for Muktangan, an incredible NGO which takes over Mumbai municipal schools end to end and raises the outcomes to levels seen in good private schools. Muktangan is a community-based school, teaching an English/Marathi curriculum with teachers and principals from the local community undergoing an extensive training program.

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The Paragon Charitable Trust (Muktangan)
Muktangan is an innovative, community based, child - centred & inclusive model of school and teacher education, taking place within the mainstream school system.
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