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The Event Promoter has reserved running slots (Bibs) to help NGOs registering for the TMM 2024 to raise funds. Participating NGOs have a limited number of Charity Bibs available with them. These Bibs are unique as they can be used to register participants even after general registrations are closed. A large number of people wish to participate in the TMM. Still, in comparison, only a few get the opportunity as the registration slots fill up quickly. Even so, the Charity Bibs are available to supporters who make a donation to the NGOs. The intent is to provide a means for NGOs to build new relationships and raise funds for their causes.


As and when NGOs register with United Way Mumbai they would be listed here. Each NGO has an independent page which details their work/project, contact details and Charity Bib availability status.


First, an individual needs to decide on the cause and select the registered NGO they wish to support from United Way Mumbai’s website. Once this is decided, interested runners will have to directly connect with the selected NGO to secure a Bib. The contact details of registered NGOs will be available on the NGO page. The NGO will guide you on the process to get the Charity Bib available with them.

Please Note:

  • The Bibs are provided to the NGO to enable them to raise funds for their work. Each of them will have the requirement of different donation amounts based on their project need. 
  • Please DO NOT DONATE DIRECTLY on the NGO page for a Bib. After you have spoken with the NGO representative and decided the donation amount, they will share a unique link for an online payment for the Bib. Alternatively, you can send a cheque and your information to the NGO.
  • Once your donation is received, the NGO will provide you with the voucher code and registration link
  • Interested individuals can also avail a Bib by raising the required amount of funds for the NGO/s of their choice until 26th December, 2023. To know more, view the fundraiser privileges here.


If you wish to run for a cause and are interested in raising funds, you can avail of the opportunity to secure a Bib through the fundraising route. A fundraiser at the Bronze category (on raising INR 10,000) gets an opportunity to avail of a Dream Run Bib. Similarly, on reaching the Silver level (on raising INR 50,000) s/he gets an opportunity to avail of a Bib for any race category, post closure of open race category registration. In both cases, the event rules and race fees are applicable.

If you are 21 years and below, upon raising INR 1,00,000, you will be entitled to avail of a complimentary bib of any race category provided the event rules (age and timing) are met.

Similarly, if you are above 21 years and upon raising INR 1.75 lakhs (Change Maker level) you will be entitled to a special Change Runner Bib with your name printed on the bib, custom 6-digit number of your choice, priority line up across all race categories and various other privileges attached.

To start fundraising:

  • Choose the NGO/s you wish to support from the list of participating charities on United Way Mumbai’s website
  • Create a free-of-cost account for yourself on the Tata Mumbai Marathon Fundraising section (if you have done so last year, please use the registered email id to log back into your account)
  • Select the NGO/s you wish to support and set a target you aim to raise for the selected charity. You can add up to 3 NGOs at a time and change your fundraising target anytime. The page offers you features to share your fundraising campaign through various social media platforms to create awareness and receive donations.
  • Enlist family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to help you raise funds, which can be easily transferred via the online payment gateway. Also note, ALL of the funds raised online will be disbursed to the supporting NGO/s, UWM absorbs the payment gateway charges.
  • There are some incentives that the event has institutionalized when you reach different levels of fundraising. Read more about Fundraising Levels & Benefits.

For more information, or any other queries, please email us on