Swachh School Awards

"Swachh School Awards" envisaged by Jubilant Foodworks is a campaign to recognize, inspire and celebrate excellence related to cleanliness, sanitation & hygiene practices in public and private schools within Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Based on a 360 degree platform and criteria, schools shall be awarded for significant steps taken in awareness & education on cleanliness, sanitation, solid waste management, energy conservation, behavior change and capacity building.

The contest covers good practices across categories like:


The awards for the winners will be in form of support for school infrastructure for promotion of cleanliness and sanitation. This support will be equivalent to the prize money for each category.

Who can Participate:

Swachh School Awards is open to all public and private schools.

Schools located within administrative boundaries of following Municipal Corporations are eligible to participate in this contest.
  • Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
  • Municipal Corporation of Delhi
  • New Okhla Industrial Development Authority � NOIDA
  • Nagar Nigam Ghaziabad
  • Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike

 How to Participate:

Selection Process:

  • Shortlisting based on Responses
  • Physical Audit to Schools by UWM
  • Winner Selection by Jury
United Way Mumbai's Role in Swachh School Awards:
  • United Way Mumbai is the Knowledge Partner of the Swachh School Awards. UWM's role involves preparing assessment criteria for schools; mobilising a panel of judges (with eminent background on civic awareness and engagement); screening and undertaking ground audits of the participating schools; reporting to the jury and facilitating the objective selection of best schools.
  • Since November 2007, UWM has been serving as third-party auditor for MCGM's "Clean-Up Mumbai" campaign for the enforcement of "Greater Mumbai Cleanliness and Sanitation Bylaws 2006". In our capacity as Third Party Auditors, we work towards eliciting citizens' participation in various campaigns to promote and maintain cleanliness in public premises. This work is carried out by United Way Mumbai in a voluntary capacity. As the third party auditor, UWM has carried out various initiatives through a public-private partnership in order to complement MCGM in its endeavour to keep the city clean and beautiful.
For all the information you need regarding the Swachh School Awards visit their website.
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