1. Registration with United Way Mumbai, the official Charity Partner, as a ‘Listed NGO’ for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017 is subject to submission of this form, duly attested, validation and confirmation of the uploaded documents, and realization of payment of INR 12,000(INR 10,000 as bib blocking deposit and INR 2,000/- as annual registration charges)
  2. Please also submit, along with the printout of your Registration Form, 1 cancelled cheque of Domestic and/or FCRA A/C, as applicable. These are required for validation purpose. As we are trying to save paper, please do not submit hard copies of any of the other uploaded documents along with your form.
  3. The cheque/DD should be Mumbai payable favoring "United Way of Mumbai”
  4. Please ensure to provide correct bank account details, as the disbursement of funds will be done to the mentioned bank account
  5. The listed NGO shall be solely responsible for the information provided by it in this registration form. Information so provided by listed NGOs in this application will be showcased on the event website and in other mediums for the sole purpose of promoting the respective listed NGO and/or the Event
  6. Please ensure that the address proof submitted is dated within the last six months.
  7. You will be required to submit information to United Way Mumbai on utilization of the funds raised through the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017
  8. Listed NGOs shall raise funds through the event using the Charity Structure specifically devised for the 2017 edition of the Event. Where funds are raised using modes other than those included in the said Charity Structure, such modes will be subject to written confirmation from the official charity partner
  9. All funds raised through the event must be reported to the official charity partner. Listed NGOs not reporting to United Way Mumbai may not be able to regi
  10. ster themselves as beneficiary NGOs in the 2018 edition of the event. UWM has full right to debar any NGO not adhering to the same
  11. Listed NGOs receiving/expecting donations from outside India or from companies having more than 51% foreign holdings must have a valid FCRA permission
  12. Funds received from donors, companies and other entities, will be remitted to listed NGOs in phases, after deducting processing charges, wherever applicable and as is mentioned in the Charity Structure. Any discrepancies in the amount received must be brought to the notice of United Way Mumbai immediately
  13. Decisions with respect to all aspects of the Event shall rest solely with the promoters, Procam International
  14. Registration with United Way Mumbai for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017 is limited to funds raised through this event
  15. Printout of this form will need to be attested by an authorized NGO functionary, with the NGO seal.

Please remember to fill in the form and save changes, before clicking on the Download Saved Form button. Submission of this form implies that you have read and understood the terms and conditions outlined herein and the Event Rules and Regulations as given in event website