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Parkinson's Disease And Movement Disorder Society

About Us

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Aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Who We Are

The Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Society (PDMDS) is an all India registered charitable society founded in 2001 under the Society Registration Act of 1860. It was founded by renowned neurologist Padmashri Dr. Bhim Sen Singhal to provide ‘free-of-cost’ services and programs to People with Parkinson’s (PwP’s) and their caregivers and raise awareness about this neurological condition. PDMDS has developed and established an evidence-based “Multidisciplinary Model of Care” for PwP’s and their caregivers. This multidisciplinary model of care has been internationally recognized as an effective model of care for developing countries. An integral part of the model is the focus on self-management strategies for ‘Activities of Daily Living’ to improve independence and quality of life and reduce caregiver burden and stress. To extend our scope from rehabilitation to prevention, we have initiated a ‘Healthy Ageing’ program through which we reach out to senior citizens and those living at senior residential facilities. Through this program, we educate on neurological conditions prevalent in the elderly population, particularly Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Stroke. Currently, PDMDS provides its services through a network of over 70 community-based support centres and online programs across the country.

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Raising Funds For

Parkinson’s is an incurable progressive condition requiring life long management. Quantifiable measures on the direct beneficiaries i.e People with Parkinson’s Disease have shown an improvement in various aspects of the condition such as alleviation of motor and non – motor aspects (rigidity, posture, balance, sleep disturbances, caregiver burden), better management of activities of daily living, improvement in the quality of life and mood elevation.
PDMDS intends to
1. To increase the reach of PDMDS to all parts of our country where no services exist.
2. To Develop a Multidisciplinary Centre for PD pan India with the following objectives :
 Rehabilitation & Support
• Provide support group programs and additionally specialized individual therapy for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers unable to attend a support group program.
• Programs for young onset PWP’s who refrain from attending support group programs
• Programs for caregivers
 Dissemination of Knowledge : Educate people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers on various symptoms, implications and treatments available
 Awareness : Increase awareness about Parkinson’s Disease to the geriatric and general public
 Develop Resource Material : Brochures, pamphlets, audio-visuals, booklets, newsletters to educate people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers.
 Training : Design and Conduct training programs for professionals and volunteers.
 Develop, monitor and evaluate support centres throughout the country.

Fund Utilization in 2023

Total funds raised in 2023 - INR 225314

Project NameTreatment and Rehabilitation of People with Parkinson's
Amount Utilized (INR)225314
Project DescriptionThe beneficiaries are provided with free of cost rehabilitation support and care. The funds from Marathon were utilized for the following activities:
1. Educational, interventional and awareness programs to promote physical and psychological wellbeing through old age homes and senior citizen groups.
2. Network and raise awareness amongst Govt, Non Govt. Organizations, Medical and Allied Health professionals on the need for programs for the Elderly
3.Support and rehabilitation for neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, Stroke and Dementia through group rehabilitation
4. Patient welfare through free medicines
5. Resource materials for education purposes
LocationsMumbai City > Maharashtra (MH),Mumbai suburban > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesHealth > Preventive healthcare,Health > Awareness & advocacy
Beneficiary GroupElderly,Persons with Disabilities
Beneficiary DescriptionThe beneficiaries of the program are both senior citizens and those patients who have Parkinson's Disease and their caregivers. There are around 700 patients with PD who attend the support groups. Their caregivers too are educated about PD and given special support on need basis. There are 500 senior citizens in various senior citizen homes who stay in senior residential homes who get healthy ageing sessions. Administrative and staff of the old age homes are trained on healthy ageing strategies.
Impact• Reaching out to more People living with Parkinson’s and their caregivers
• Provide multidisciplinary rehabilitation and care to PwPs and caregivers.
• Improvement in Quality of Life and facilitating independent living amongst PwPs
• Symptom management and improvement in mobilization amongst PwPs
• Ease and improvement in performance of activities of daily living
• Improvement in psychological, cognitive and emotional health
• Decrease in feelings of loneliness, and a building of feelings of fellowship and belonging
• Building of a social support network
• Reduced caregiver burden and improved relationships
• Creating Awareness amongst the public to aid in timely diagnosis and sensitize them about the manifestations of the condition.

Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Group rehabilitative therapy for people with Parkinson's 700
2 Group healthy ageing sessions for elderlies in old age homes 500
3 Education and training programs for caregivers of people with Parkinson's 25
4 Awareness and Sensitization for youth, senior citizen groups, general public 50000
` 0 of ` 2500000
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