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Access Life Assistance Foundation

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+91 8080222377
Address: Access Life Assistance Foundation Jolly Land CHS, Bunglow no 6, Ghatla Village Road, Chembur (East), Mumbai 400071, Maharashtra, India

Aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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` 531135
of ` 500000
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Raising Funds For

Families come from remote towns and cities across India seeking treatment for their children affected with cancer. While hospitals extend them quality medical services, the poorer families have no place to stay during the 5-12 months (sometimes extending to 24 months) that it takes to complete the treatment. Many end up living on footpaths or are forced to abandon treatment.

Along with a home-like environment for these families, we also address the psychological and social effects of cancer by providing practical support services, nutritional support, educational resources, safe transport to hospitals, and recreational programs.

Fund Utilization in 2020

Total funds raised in 2020 - INR 135207.33

Project NameAccommodation, Nutrition & Transportation
Amount Utilized (INR)135207.33
Project DescriptionUtilized for providing a free, hygienic & healthy home to the cancer bravehearts & their families.
A balanced diet plays a vital role in the treatment of cancer, we provide the families with 3 nutritious meals to boost their immunity & speed up the recovery from the after effects that come in with the cancer treatment.
Free transportation to & fro the hospitals to avoid the families from exposure to public transport & chances of infection are very high.
LocationsMumbai City > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesHealth ,Health > Sanitation & hygiene
Beneficiary GroupChildren
Beneficiary DescriptionResearch indicates 70 -90% of childhood cancers are curable, but the treatment can often be a long drawn one, lasting from anywhere between 5-12 months or sometimes even extending to 24 months. While Hospitals provide quality medical services, these treatments are often offered as out-patient visits where the patient has to visit the hospital on a regular basis. Many families who come from remote places across India to Mumbai for their child's cancer treatment have no place to stay during the course of the treatment. Some families end up living on footpaths or in unhygienic conditions due to lack of proper accommodation. When living in such an unhygienic environment without having proper nourishment, these kids start losing their battle against cancer very early on. Many poor families find themselves at crossroads for the want of a good, affordable and hygienic place to stay and have to often abandon treatment and return home. Access Life was thus born to provide a loving and temporary home for the outstation children undergoing treatment for cancer and their parents or caretakers.
Impact500++ children served till date
in 5 centres across Mumbai
1461 lives changed
12 States
1000++ Activities conducted under Emotional & Psycho-Social support
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Accommodation 57
2 Nutrition 57
3 Transportation 57

Fund Utilization in 2019

Total funds raised in 2019 - INR 1998000

Project Name26 seater van cost
Amount Utilized (INR)1675000
Project DescriptionOur bravehearts have low immunity levels and using public transport exposes them to risk of infection that can hamper their progress in recovery. Given that each family makes an average of four trips to hospital per week during the course of the treatment, stress free transportation is a critical element of supportive care.
Given the increasing number of families we are supporting, we had a need for a larger vehicle like the 26 seater bus that we were able to procure from the fund raised
This supports our facilitation of their free transportation comfortably, as they go to the hospital for investigations, chemotherapy treatment/ surgery and follow-up, while their stay at Access Life.
LocationsMumbai suburban > Maharashtra (MH),Mumbai City > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesHealth ,Health > Nutrition,Health > Sanitation & hygiene,Public Safety > Shelter,Health > Awareness & advocacy,Health > Recreation
Beneficiary GroupChildren,Women,Others
Beneficiary Description Children below the age of 13 undergoing treatment of cancer AT any given time we have 57 children alongwith their parents. Total beneficiaries in our centres = 171 Gender keeps varying according to the admissions and discharges. There is a preference given to girl child.
ImpactOur Impact since 2014 :
6 centres (3 in Chembur, 1 in Bandra, 1 in Thane & 1 in Andheri) have been set-up across which at any given point of time 57 families (171 individuals considering every child lives with her/his parents) are accommodated

300 children from ages 1 month to 14 years and their families – about 900 people in total have benefitted from Access Life since inception

Additional 90 families who have visited Mumbai for their medical follow-up visits have been provided accommodation

5 vehicles are used to transfer children to the hospitals, on a regular basis

About 1000+ events under Emotional and Psycho-social support have been organised (includes Counselling sessions, Yoga, Arts and Crafts sessions, Music, Dance, Non-Formal Education)

110 clean and care hygiene kits have been distributed to newly diagnosed pediatric cases since March 2018

A total of 444 Teen & Young Adult cancer patients have been counselled for their nutritional requirements at Tata Memorial Hospital since August 2018
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Transportation to and fro from centre to Hospitals(Tata Memorial, Wadia, Sion Hospital) Approximately 7000kms since procured
Project NameOperation cost for 26 seater bus
Amount Utilized (INR)323000
Project DescriptionThe funds were utilised towards operation cost of Rs.30,000/- Per month
LocationsMumbai suburban > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesHealth > Sanitation & hygiene
Beneficiary GroupChildren
Beneficiary DescriptionFamilies coming from rural areas across India
ImpactThis has impacted 57 families (57 kids + 114 parents)
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Transportation to and fro from centre to Hospitals(Tata Memorial, Wadia, Sion Hospital) Approximately 30000 pm
` 981636 of ` 1000000
Raised by 378 contributors.
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