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Salaam Bombay Foundation

About Us

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Address: Nirmal Building, 1st Floor, Nariman Point

Aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Who We Are

Salaam Bombay Foundation (SBF) believes that “A child in school has a future” and it is with this mission that the foundation began its operations in 2002. At the core of all of Salaam Bombay’s initiatives is the commitment to empower India’s most vulnerable adolescents to stay in school and continue their education. Our vision is to keep adolescents in school by empowering them to make the right choices about their health, education and livelihood thereby ensuring that they can thrive with a bright future. Our mission is that we engage ‘at risk’ adolescents through in-school leadership programmes and after-school sports, arts & media academy and skills@school. These programmes build their self-esteem and give them the confidence to stay in school.

We began in Mumbai and are today also based in Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur and Kolkata. Our interventions, help adolescents to make the right choices about their health, education and livelihood, build personal self-esteem and thrive in their future and most importantly complete secondary education.

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Raising Funds For

You gift education, aspiration, freedom from the perpetuating cycle of poverty and a sustainable livelihood to at-risk youth from urban slums of India when you run for Salaam Bombay Foundation.

Students from SBF are between the ages of 11 to 17, live in Mumbai's over crowded slums, have multiple responsibilities and live a highly pressured, stressful childhood. They often find themselves at the risk of being forced out of the school as soon as they are deemed capable of contributing to their meagre family incomes. We then become a refuge for children whose lives are bereft of opportunities and facilities, of creative spaces and personal attention. Through the different academies at Salaam Bombay Foundation, we work on key areas under CSR Schedule VII - Preventive Health Education, Mental Wellbeing. Vocational Skills, Sports, Arts and Media, equipping our students with multi-dimensional skill sets and career options.

Corporate philanthropy is perfectly positioned to affect social change in India owing to its ability to provide capital that can potentially solve systemic challenges. Individual employees of a donor organisation get to closely experience their organisation’s role as a significant change agent, establishing and adding to organisational credibility and camaraderie amongst its human assets.

Fund Utilization in 2023

Total funds raised in 2023 - INR 467500

Project NameProject Resume
Amount Utilized (INR)467000
Project DescriptionSalaam Bombay Foundation believes that “a child in school has a future” and works with adolescents studying in government and government-aided schools, through our in-school leadership programmes and after-school skilling programmes in Arts, Media, Sports and Vocational skills. The funds were used for training and exposure visits for students in these academies.
LocationsMumbai City > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesEducation > Arts education,Education > School / career counselling
Beneficiary GroupChildren
Beneficiary DescriptionBelow is the beneficiary description for - skills@school, DreamLab Skills, and Academy of Arts. skills@school: - Advance Codding & Programming WhiteHat Jr: 9 girls and 7 boys, with a total enrollment of 16 students. - CAD: 8 girls and 13 boys, with a total enrollment of 21 students. - Digital Literacy & Scratch Coding Programme: 23 girls and 35 boys, with a total enrollment of 58 students. - Total (A): 40 girls and 55 boys, of total enrollment of 95 students, with a ratio of 42% girls to 58% boys. DreamLab Skills: - Entrepreneurship: 53 girls and 34 boys, with a total enrollment of 87 students - Internship: 116 girls and 99 boys, with a total enrollment of 215 students. - Total (B): 169 girls and 133 boys, of total enrollment of 302, with a ratio of 56% girls to 44% boys. Academy of Arts: Technical training - Theatre: 50 girls and 30 boys, with a total enrollment of 80 students - Western Dance: 80 girls and 75 boys, with a total enrollment of 155 students. - Kathak: 80 girls and 0 boys, with a total enrollment of 80 students. Exposure visit - Theatre: 25 girls and 28 boys, with a total enrollment of 53 students - Western Dance: 30 girls and 20 boys, with a total enrollment of 50 students - Kathak: 30 girls and 0 boys, with a total enrollment of 30 students. - Total (C): 295 girls and 153 boys, of total enrollment of 448, with a ratio of 66% girls to 34% boys. Grand Total (A+B+C): 504 girls and 341 boys, of total enrollment of 845, with a ratio of 60% girls to 40% boys.
As part of Salaam Bombay partnership with UWM, for the period from Feb’23 to July’23 a total of 95 adolescent students across government and government-aided schools in Mumbai are enrolled and successfully trained in vocational trades via the skills@school programme. Out of 95 students, 40 are girls 42% & 55 are boys 58%.
9 students got opportunity to do internship with Salaam Bombay Foundation to receive an honorarium of INR 24300 with an average of INR. 2,700 each.
Academy of Arts
For Academy of Arts, a total of 295 girls and 153 boys, in total 448, with a ratio of 64% girls to 36% boys were enrolled. In Theatre 75 girls and 58 boys were enrolled. Similarly, Western Dance 110 girls and 95 boys were enrolled and for Kathak 110 girls were enrolled.
DreamLab Skills
The Dreamlab initiative has enabled beneficiaries stay in school as they have managed supported their own education, enrolled in advance courses related to their trades, and they have supported their families by contributing to monthly family income. They have developed good communication skills, and the training has helped them groom better.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 skills@school - Digital Literacy & Scratch Coding programme 58
2 skills@school - White Hat Jr. Coding advance Programme 16
3 skills@school - CAD Training 21
4 DreamLab skills - Entrepreneurship 87
5 DreamLab skills - Internship 215
6 Academy of Arts - Technical training + Exposure Visit 448
` 357500 of ` 10000000
Raised by 3 contributors.
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