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Family Planning Association, India

About Us

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(91) - 22 - 4086 3101 / 2202 9080 / 22025174
Address: Family Planning Association India, 1st Floor, Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021. India

Aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Who We Are

Family Planning Association (FPA) India is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that runs 40 clinics and more than 100 outreach based units across India providing reproductive services including pre and post-natal care. With the onset of the pandemic, most of these clinics are now at the frontlines providing essential care along with reproductive health services. Supported by a team of 1000 trained medical and paramedical staff and more than 3000 community based volunteers FPA India reaches out more than 3 million people across 18 states in India every year.

FPA India intends to raise a sum of Rs One Crore to take care of additional resource requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic to sustain service delivery across 40 locations over the next three months, reaching out to nearly 800,000 people.

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Raising Funds For

As the severely stretched health system in India prioritizes COVID-19 related activities in a desperate attempt to contain the pandemic, non-CoVID related health services have been being inadvertently side-lined. This has an enormous impact on poor and vulnerable groups, including young women.

FPA India continues to offer facility-based essential, time-sensitive reproductive health services in spite of the lockdown. Yet, a large number of needy people are unable to reach to our facilities. Similarly, due to social distancing and suspended public transport, community based development work is severely affected. This hampers delivery of contraceptives, menstrual hygiene products and other essentials to stranded migrants, young women confined in their own homes and the marginalized rural poor, who don’t have the means to access clinical services. There is a dearth of protective gear for our frontline clinical teams.

Your support will go a long way in mobilizing additional resources to secure protective gear and transportation costs for our frontline teams and reach out to our communities during these difficult times. We also propose to open ‘positive health clinics’ offering diet and lifestyle modification with interventions improving the immunity, screening for COVID-19 and non-COVID related essential health services.


Fund Utilization in 2019

Total funds raised in 2019 - INR 3784284

Project NameBreak the Silence Around Gender-Based Violence
Amount Utilized (INR)3784284
Project DescriptionFamily Planning Association of India, launched a nationwide campaign #StreeHinsaMuktBharatAbhiyaan aimed at strengthening its work to address Gender-Based Violence (GBV). The objective of #StreeHinsaMuktBharatAbhiyaan is to catalyse civil society action for preventing and mitigating violence against women.

The campaign aimed to 'Break The Silence Around Gender-Based Violence' through the following:
- PREVENT violence through awareness and sensitisation
- IDENTIFY and help those who need to access care and support
- EMPOWER women with life-skills to protect their rights and dignity
LocationsAhmedabad > Gujarat (GJ),Rajkot > Gujarat (GJ),Yamuna Nagar > Haryana (HR),Srinagar > Jammu and Kashmir (JK),East Singhbhum > Jharkhand (JH),Bangalore Rural > Karnataka (KA),Bangalore Urban > Karnataka (KA),Belgaum > Karnataka (KA),Bellary > Karnataka (KA),Bidar > Karnataka (KA),Dakshina Kannada > Karnataka (KA),Dharwad > Karnataka (KA),Mysore > Karnataka (KA),Raichur > Karnataka (KA),Shimoga > Karnataka (KA),Uttara Kannada > Karnataka (KA),Vijayapura > Karnataka (KA),Thiruvananthapuram > Kerala (KL),Mumbai City > Maharashtra (MH),Pune > Maharashtra (MH),Solapur > Maharashtra (MH),Thane > Maharashtra (MH),Bhopal > Madhya Pradesh (MP),Gwalior > Madhya Pradesh (MP),Indore > Madhya Pradesh (MP),Jabalpur > Madhya Pradesh (MP),Jaipur > Rajasthan (RJ),Chennai > Tamil Nadu (TN),Dindigul > Tamil Nadu (TN),Madurai > Tamil Nadu (TN),Nilgiris > Tamil Nadu (TN),Hyderabad > Telangana (TS),Agra > Uttar Pradesh (UP),Lucknow > Uttar Pradesh (UP),Kolkata > West Bengal (WB),Alipurduar > West Bengal (WB),Ranchi > Jharkhand (JH),New Delhi > Delhi (DL)
CausesSocial Inclusion > Women Empowerment,Social Inclusion > Awareness and Advocacy,Health > Testing & Screening,Health > Preventive Healthcare,Health > Medical Aid,Health > Mental Health ,Health > Nutrition,Health > Maternal & Child Health
Beneficiary GroupWomen
Beneficiary DescriptionBeneficiaries included young girls and women in the reproductive age group of 15 to 49 years.
ImpactFPA India helped support the reproductive health needs of adolescent girls and young women by empowering them with the required knowledge, developing critical thinking skills, and means to improve and protect their health, well-being, and dignity; and develop healthy and positive relationships.

Funds raised were contributed towards empowering young girls and women with:
• Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare and Information:
Several women were provided Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare through a wide array of services including contraception, comprehensive abortion care, sterilisation services. An integrated package of essential services (IPES) was delivered through the FPA India clinics. Contraceptives, medicines, and commodities such as menstrual hygiene products were provided to the beneficiaries. Special service sessions for women in the reproductive age group.

• Comprehensive Sexuality Education was provided for girls to avoid early marriage and early pregnancies, which can end their schooling and personal development, and limit their and their children’s prospects of breaking out of poverty.

• Girls and Boys, Men and Women, were provided with awareness sessions on prevention of Gender-Based Violence as well as speaking up and taking action if violence is taking place.

• Life-skill development helps empower women by making them self-sufficient, reducing financial dependency on their partner.

Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Women screened for GBV 23469
2 Women counselling around GBV 6450
3 Adolescents receiving Comprehensive Sexuality Education 63841
4 Women benefiting from income generation/skill-building activities for women 429
5 Healthcare services 21238 men and women received contraceptives; 25245 women received gynaecological services including management of RTIs/STIs; 15496 women received antenatal and postnatal care; 987 women received safe abortion care
6 Awareness and sensitisation of communities 407077 Men and Boys; 873349 Women and Girls

Fund Utilization in 2018

Total funds raised in 2018 - INR 3479058

Project NameLet's Get Girls Back To School Campaign - Empowering Young Girls
Amount Utilized (INR)3479058
Project DescriptionFamily Planning Association of India (FPA India) undertook multiple initiatives to address the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) needs of many young girls and women by providing them information and services. Some of these programmes include empowering young girls and with the Adolescents Education Programme Plus (AEP+) wherein information on the seven different components of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is provided; providing sexual and reproductive health care services, conducting Gender Empowerment and Skill-Development activities.
Locations Andhra Pradesh (AP),Ahmedabad > Gujarat (GJ),Rajkot > Gujarat (GJ),Panchkula > Haryana (HR),Yamuna Nagar > Haryana (HR),Bokaro > Jharkhand (JH),East Singhbhum > Jharkhand (JH),Khunti > Jharkhand (JH),Srinagar > Jammu and Kashmir (JK),Bangalore Rural > Karnataka (KA),Bangalore Urban > Karnataka (KA),Belgaum > Karnataka (KA),Bellary > Karnataka (KA),Bidar > Karnataka (KA),Vijayapura > Karnataka (KA),Dharwad > Karnataka (KA),Mysore > Karnataka (KA),Shimoga > Karnataka (KA),Udupi > Karnataka (KA),Raichur > Karnataka (KA),Uttara Kannada > Karnataka (KA),Dakshina Kannada > Karnataka (KA),Thiruvananthapuram > Kerala (KL),Mumbai City > Maharashtra (MH),Mumbai suburban > Maharashtra (MH),Thane > Maharashtra (MH),Pune > Maharashtra (MH),Solapur > Maharashtra (MH),Bhopal > Madhya Pradesh (MP),Gwalior > Madhya Pradesh (MP),Indore > Madhya Pradesh (MP),Sagar > Madhya Pradesh (MP),Jabalpur > Madhya Pradesh (MP),New Delhi > Delhi (DL), Odisha (OD), Punjab (PB),Jaipur > Rajasthan (RJ),Chennai > Tamil Nadu (TN),Dindigul > Tamil Nadu (TN),Madurai > Tamil Nadu (TN),Nilgiris > Tamil Nadu (TN),Agra > Uttar Pradesh (UP),Lucknow > Uttar Pradesh (UP),Kolkata > West Bengal (WB),Jalpaiguri > West Bengal (WB)
CausesHealth > Testing & Screening,Health > Medical Aid,Health > Sanitation & Hygiene,Health > Nutrition,Health > Awareness and Advocacy,Education > Others,Income > Skilling & Vocational Training,Income > Income Generation Activities,Social Inclusion > Women Empowerment,Social Inclusion > LGBT,Education > Value Education
Impact- Approximately 12,602 school-going girls (Aged 10 to 14) and 23, 052 out-of-school young girls and boys (Aged 15 to 19) successfully completed the Adolescent Education Programme Plus (AEP+) between January to June, 2018.

- Over 5,422 young girls (Aged 15 to 24) received training for income generation (April to December, 2017).

- About 7,76,093 Adolescent Girls (10-19 years) were provided Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare services from January to June, 2018.

- About 45,345 sanitary napkins  were distributed free-of-cost to approximately 7,480 young girls and women from January to July, 2018.

- About 20,486 pregnant women (Aged 15 to 24), and to 2,226 adolescent girls (Aged 10 to 19), were provided Iron Folic Acid (IFA) supplements for Anaemia prevention, between January to June, 2018. Anaemia is caused by low Haemoglobin levels in women and girls due to multiple reasons.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Sessions on the Adolescent Education Programme Plus (AEP+) were conducted for in-school and out-of-school adolescents. AEP+ programme covers essential topics such as Sexual Rights and Sexual Citizenship, Gender, Gender Based Violence (GBV), Diversity, Sexuality, Pleasure, Interpersonal Relationships, Communication and decision-making skills, The Body, Puberty and Reproduction, and Sexual & Reproductive Health. INR 1043717.4
2 Income-generation training was provided to out-of-school young girls and women for activities such as fabric painting, tailoring and embroidery work, and toy-making. INR 521858.7
3 Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services were provided to young girls. These included - Contraception, Safe Abortion, HIV/AIDS screening and related services, STI/RTI screening and related services, Gynaecological, Urological, Sub-fertility, Other SRH services, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and other specialised services such as Gender Based Violence (GBV) screening and counselling, Relationship Counselling, Sexuality counselling. Some service sessions also helped educate girls and women about menstrual health and hygiene management and provide them with affordable sanitary napkins. Iron Folic Acid (IFA) supplements were also provided during health camps, for Anemia prevention. INR 1913481.9
` 246981 of ` 10000000
Raised by 45 contributors.
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