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Livelihood Generation
022-20830685 & +91 8657442944/45
Address: Cotton Exchange Bldg, 2nd Floor, Opp Cotton Green Railway Station, Cotton Green- East

Aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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COTAAP works towards helping farmers increase the productivity of their cotton crop and thereby positively impacting their livelihoods. India is the largest producer and second largest exporter of Cotton in the world. However, India has one of the lowest per hectare farm yield and this where COTAAP’s efforts are targeted. COTAAP's objective is to empower farmers and improve productivity by offering modern & scientific agronomic practices, good quality seeds and knowledge partnering. COTAAP is a not for profit body that works towards creating a better livelihood for cotton farmers.
One of its primary objectives is to improve the productivity and lives of farmers by focusing on 3 key areas:-
1. Educating farmers about new technology and other developments in cotton
2. Facilitating their access to modern & scientific agronomic practices
3. Creating a farmer networking platform to foster learning and support

Fund Utilization in 2023

Total funds raised in 2023 - INR 2084251

Project NameSoil and Water Conservation Project
Amount Utilized (INR)2084251
Project DescriptionSoil and Water Conservation project helped farmers in Yavatmal and Wardha district to conserve the top most fertile soil. This soil otherwise runs away from the farm lands in the monsoons making the land arid. Additionally rain water also runs away in the monsoons and gets wasted. This project ensures that the top fertile soil stays in the farm and rain water is also stored in specially created and dug pits. Retaining the water in these pits helps availability of this water to farmers way past monsoons and also helps increase the ground water table of the land.
LocationsYavatmal > Maharashtra (MH),Wardha > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesEnvironment > Water Conservation
Beneficiary GroupTribal community,Others
Beneficiary DescriptionThe project helped in increasing the yield of the crop of the farmers. The beneficiaries were farmers and their families. The project in Yavatmal impacted about 50 farmers
ImpactSocial Impact:
1. Uniting farmers
Economic Impact:
1. Better yield
Environmental Impact:
1.Arresting soil erosion.
2. Increase in the ground water table.
3.Cultivable land getting levelled which improves productivity.
4.Clearing of water-logging and saving crops from destruction due to excessive rains.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Soil and Water Conservation 200 hectare
` 2043000 of ` 3500000
Raised by 6 contributors.
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