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Despite there being a significant improvement in access of education, even to the remotest parts of the country, there are many quality issues prevalent in mainstream schooling. High student to teacher ratios, prescriptive curriculums and disconnect between theory and practice in formal teacher education, result in disengagement in the classroom and ultimately poor student learning outcomes.

Muktangan as the sole initiative of Paragon Charitable Trust, a registered charity provides an innovative integrated model of school and Teacher Education addressing the quality gap in the mainstream schooling. Its community based, inclusive, child-centred model has evolved over the last 15 years from action research conducted through its 7 English medium MCGM Schools and Teacher Education centre in Mumbai. Muktangan schools have to date directly provided quality holistic education to about 4,200 children from low-income communities while simultaneously developing 815 child- friendly educators from these same communities.

Today, the program is collaborating with various government (MSCERT), NGO and institutional partners on outreach projects, using its experience to strengthen the spread of quality education to mainstream schools in the rural context impacting many 1000’s more.

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Raising Funds For

To support these under-served communities through quality education and vocational interventions, we are in constant need of funds. Any funding received through the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019 will be deployed towards the running expenses of the School and Teacher Education programs.

Fund Utilization in 2018

Total funds raised in 2018 - INR 530514

Project NameTowards the operating expenses of the GK Marg Secondary school run by the Trust
Amount Utilized (INR)530514
Project DescriptionMuktangan school program aims to provide quality English Medium education to the children of the under-served communities who normally do not have access to a it.
LocationsMumbai City > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesEducation > School Adoption
ImpactThe projected impact is that the children will successfully complete one level (standard) of school education and move ahead to the next level.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Students benefitted 208
2 Teachers Benefitted 33

Fund Utilization in 2017

Total funds raised in 2017 - INR 1752388

Project NameMuktangan Education Programme
Amount Utilized (INR)1752388
Project DescriptionThe Muktangan programme is truly “education for the community by the community” With community members being trained as teachers, the education offered is more culturally relevant for the students. The Muktangan schools are bubbling centers of active learning where community teachers are facilitating a
holistic learning process, catering to all domains of development (cognitive, affective, physical and aesthetic). A low pupil: teacher ratio of 14:1 enables an
individualized approach which ensures children have the freedom to learn at their own unique sequence. Also, since the teachers have themselves been trained in a method where conceptual understanding (through child observation) is the focus (rather than rote learning) the pedagogy adopted with students is naturally based on
“Thinking – Doing – Reflecting”.
The amount donated through Mumbai Marathon was spent towards the education of primary children, salary of pre-service trainees and towards the purchase of education-aid(computers).
LocationsMumbai City > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesEducation > Teacher Training,Education > School Adoption,Education > Early Childhood Learning
Impact1) 85% of our students appearing for board examination in 10th grade have got a score of 1st class and above in comparison to 50% from mainstream schools in the state of Maharashtra. Our figure includes 10% students who are certified with learning disabilities.
2) 90% attendance of students and teachers as compared to 75% in mainstream schools. (ASER report 2016).
3) 75% Muktangan teachers have on an average doubled their family income since joining and more than 80% are now pursuing further qualifications.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Children Education 382
2 Teachers 33
` 107701 of ` 3000000
Raised by 19 contributors.
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