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Sahaara Charitable Society

About Us

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+91 (22) 2754 7893
Address: Krupalay Flat No.79, Sector-16, Koperkhairne, Navi Mumbai, Thane Dist, Maharashtra Pin Code: 400709

Aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Who We Are

Sahaara Charitable Society founded in 1994 runs development programs in Mumbai in 4 areas of specialization namely Remedial education for children in Government Homes and Red-light districts, Women empowerment, rehabilitation and reintegration work for Commercial Sex Workers, Reintegration of undertrials and released prisoners, and safe homes for children of victims of trafficking.

Parivartan: Sahaara serves women who have been victims of sex trafficking through its Parivartan program. Women are counseled for a better life and alternate livelihoods. They are also given support and counseling for health, hygiene, and other areas of personal well-being.

Pratham and Pragati: Through these 2 educational programs we provide remedial education to the children from the Red-Light districts and Government Homes. The focus is to strengthen their academic foundations thus providing stability and support to help them complete their higher school education. They are also supported by either vocational training or college education after school with a goal of achieving financial independence through employment.

Mahima & Anandalay: The minor boys' and girls are provided with secure and holistic growth in our government-licensed homes. They are provided quality education in English medium schools and with a well-balanced emphasis on sports and hobbies development.

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Our Fundraisers

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Raising Funds For

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, students all over the world have been forced to shift to online education. While this has been easier for some students, the underprivileged are adversely impacted due to a lack of access to electronic devices and internet services leading to unequal access to education. It is reported that only 12.5% of Indian households with students have access to the Internet. These percentages are highly amplified when we only consider poor communities.
Sahaara Charitable Society has been involved in the field of remedial education over 26 years enabling thousands of poor children in red-light communities and government homes attain Grade Level Competency.
In the present scenario, we are:
• Enabling poor students to remain connected to the learning process through online and offline modes of teaching
• Providing electronic devices and internet packs to students so that they can continue schooling
• Giving digital literacy and training to teachers and students for them to adapt to new technology and teaching methods
• Raising awareness on WASH Behaviours to the community at large
Your donation will help bridge the digital and educational divide for the marginalized children through the inevitable changes taking place in this crisis of Covid-19.

Fund Utilization in 2020

Total funds raised in 2020 - INR 231650

Project NameProject Pragati
Amount Utilized (INR)231650
Project DescriptionRemedial Education Progress:

A Year Plan is prepared for each Level and Monthly Tests are conducted to assess if the children are able to meet the educational objectives as per their Level.

Special Help Class:
New children were enrolled in January, 2020 and they were attending the class regularly

Scholarship for Higher Education.
Career Guidance Session:
Career Guidance Group Session was organized for children above Grade-8 in CCH and BKN on 17th February 2020 under the guidance of ‘Dr. Poonam Gadigoankar’.

Vocational Training

Job Placements

Life Skills
Life Skills, Value Education and Health, and Hygiene were conducted on topics like “Be friends,” “Respecting Teachers”, “How to take preventive measures from Coronovirus”, “Symptoms of the Coronavirus disease”
LocationsMumbai City > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesEducation > Remedial education,Education > Early childhood learning,Education > Value education
Beneficiary GroupChildren
Beneficiary DescriptionThe Target Group of beneficiaries are: • Children placed in Government Homes for care and protection • Children from Grade 1 to 6 for Remedial Education • Youth who are in Grade 9 and above for Higher Education and Access to Training Programs • Youth above 18 years of age who discharged from Government Homes for Higher Education, Vocational Training and Job Placements Number of beneficiaries covered: • Remedial education - 92 (57 boys + 35 girls) • Special Help Class – 26 (21 boys + 5 girls) • Higher Education – 6 • Career Guidance - 50 • Vocational Training- 2 • Number of lost or runaway children whose families were traced - 91 • Reunion of the lost or runaway children to their families - 83 • Social Help provided for the reunion of lost or runaway children - 04 • Total: 354 – Beneficiaries covered.
ImpactChildren have shown significant improvement in their academic competence with the help of Remedial Education.
Special Help classes have helped students cope with their challenges in their studies.
Scholarship for Higher Education: 6 children are currently enrolled in Higher Education: 2 in FYJC Arts, 1 in FYJC Science, 2 in FYJC Commerce, and 1 in SYJC Arts
Career Guidance Session: 50 students participated in this session. The session was very informative for the students. They were envisioned about the various career options available to them.
Vocational Training: 2 children are enrolled in the General Duty Assistant Course at Tata Strive
Job Placements: The number of placements done for youth: 5 youth were placed in jobs through the year.
Life Skills: 60 boys and 32 girls attended this.
91 children’s families were traced and 82 were reunited with their families. 4 children were provided with social help in the form of train fare.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 School Fees, Educational Materials and Tuition fees for school boys 114404
2 School Uniform, Domestic Support 8372
3 Transportation for college boys 2270
4 Nutrition 40941
5 Games & Sports, School picnic 14,260.00
6 Electricity charges, Toiletries, Upkeep & Maintenance, Printing & Stationery 51,403.00

Fund Utilization in 2019

Total funds raised in 2019 - INR 232970

Project NameProject Pragati
Amount Utilized (INR)232970
Project DescriptionIn Mumbai, there are hundreds of children who have been taken out of society and institutionalized. These children are in the Observation Homes as they are deemed to have committed an offence or in the Children’s Homes as they have no parents or their parents cannot bring them up. Like any other child, these children are in need of care, guidance and protection in their formative years.

Project Pragati meets these needs of the children, providing supplementary education and basic computer literacy. We also follow-up with those discharged from the Home to continue their studies or be trained in a skill. Pragati seeks to present a secure future to the children of Observation and Children’s Homes!
LocationsMumbai suburban > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesEducation > Early Childhood Learning,Education > Remedial Education,Education > Value Education
Beneficiary GroupChildren
Beneficiary DescriptionThrough Sahaara’s project Pragati, we serve the children between the age group of 6-18 in the Government Children's & Observation home.
Impact88 - children provided remedial education
32 - children provided Basic Computer Course
20 - children provided Computer Literacy
20 - children provided Special Help Class
494 - children in need of care and protection were Traced of which of the 448 were reunited with their families
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Remedial education 88
2 Basic Computer Course 32
3 Computer Literacy 20
4 Special Help Class 20
5 Tracing & reunion with their families. 494

Fund Utilization in 2018

Total funds raised in 2018 - INR 146200

Project NameProject Pragati
Amount Utilized (INR)146318
Project DescriptionProject Pragati provides supplementary education to the children in Observation and Children's Homes.
The children were encouraged to make projects on the subjects of Science and History; the topics were Solar system, Solar Cooker, Newton’s Wheel, Baking soda volcano, Forts of Raigad, Pratapgad and Shivneri.
During the Annual Day program, children performed dances and skits with great enthusiasm and were awarded with prizes for their excellent performance in academics, competitions and in character.
An exposure trip to the Mahananda Dairy helped the children learn about the processing and packaging of milk.
LocationsMumbai City > Maharashtra (MH)
ImpactBased on the intellectual capacity, children in the Observation and Children's Homes are divided into different levels; this ensures equal attention on all the children as they are taught as per their learning capacity. As a result, children have shown good improvement in their academics. They have increased confidence. Their progress is monitored through the conducting of monthly tests.
Project making activity as well the exposure trip helped the children understand their concepts through experiential learning which is thoroughly enjoyed by all.
61 children are being impacted !
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Supplementary Education 61
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