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Think Foundation

About Us

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Address: A-101, Valmiki Apartments, Sunder Nagar, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai 400 098.

Aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Who We Are

Think Foundation works for the causes of Voluntary Blood Donation and Thalassaemia.

We are in touch with persons living with Thalassaemia Major; and strive to bring normalcy in their lives. Thalassaemia Major is a serious genetic blood disorder, characterized by the inability to produce appropriate haemoglobin. The disorder is detected in the first year of life. Life-long blood transfusions are the first line of treatment. However, they result in an undesirable build-up of iron, which has fatal consequences. The second parallel line of treatment, therefore, is medicines, every day, to keep iron levels under control. Blood transfusions also carry the risk of transmissible infections, in addition to compromising every organ and function of the body. The third line of treatment involves periodic laboratory investigations. Complications can be thus detected at an early stage leading to prevention of life-threatening situations.

In the Indian situation majority of patients belong to lower-income families, and are faced with high morbidity and early mortality.

Think Foundation organizes daily blood donation camps, establishes Thalassaemia Day Care Centres, provides medicines, carries out laboratory investigations, conducts workshop for patients and doctors, supports education, organizes entertainment programmes, facilitates bone marrow transplants, and organizes prevention programmes.

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Raising Funds For

In the absence of a government-supported structure of health care for thalassaemia, the situation is very desperate for patients belonging to low-income families. Unless managed, high morbidity and early mortality awaits the patients. Your support will be life-saving.

The Foundation hopes to utilize the funds for running programmes for prevention, care and cure of Thalassaemia Major.

Funds will be utilized for (1) infrastructure requirements of Day Care Centres, (2) purchase of leukocyte filters to ensure reaction-free blood transfusions, (3) carrying out investigations for early detection of complication, (4) enabling medical intervention to take care of complications, (5) conducting HLA-Typing tests to identify patients eligible for stem cell transplants, (6) facilitating interventions to enable risk-free transplants, (7) providing support for transplants, (8) enabling pre-natal diagnosis to “at-risk” mothers, (9) carrying out screening tests to identify youngsters who are “carriers” of Thalassaemia, (10) providing tuition support to needy thalassaemia patients, (11) organizing workshops for patients and parents, (12) organizing workshops for medical personnel, (13) organizing blood donation drives in colleges, offices, religious institutions, residential areas.

Fund Utilization in 2020

Total funds raised in 2020 - INR 1714434

Project NameManagement of Thalassaemia Major patients
Amount Utilized (INR)1720000
Project DescriptionPatients of Thalassaemia Major need systematic, regular, life-long blood transfusions to maintain haemoglobin levels. Transfusions have to be administered with Leukocyte Filters so that there are no adverse reactions. As a parallel line of treatment, patients have to be given medicines (daily) to prevent iron overload, which is an undesirable resultant of blood transfusions. Dependence on blood transfusions compromises almost every organ of the body. Periodic laboratory investigation have to be carried out on various health parameters, so as to ensure that attention is given to complications before they become life-threatening.
LocationsMumbai City > Maharashtra (MH),Thane > Maharashtra (MH),Mumbai suburban > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesHealth > Medical Support,Health > Testing & screening,Health > Preventive healthcare
Beneficiary GroupChildren,Persons with Disabilities
Beneficiary DescriptionAge group from 1 year old to 40 year olds Equal percentage of boys and girls Total no. of beneficiaries : 300
ImpactBetter quality of life and increased life-expectancy for 300 patients of Thalassaemia Major.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Provision of Leukocyte Filters Rs. 900000
2 Provision of Iron chelation medicines Rs. 250000
3 Laboratory investigations Rs. 500000
4 Screening Camps Rs. 70000

Fund Utilization in 2019

Total funds raised in 2019 - INR 1513819

Project NameLeukocyte Filters for thalassaemia patients
Amount Utilized (INR)400000
Project DescriptionLeukocytes in the blood that is transfused to thalassaemia patients can cause adverse reaction ranging from mild to very severe. This will result in extended stay in the hospital. Leukocyte Filters help in reaction-free blood transfusions
LocationsThane > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesHealth > Medical Aid
Beneficiary GroupChildren,Persons with Disabilities
Beneficiary DescriptionThalassaemia patients ( 35 males and 22 females ranging in age from 1 year to 35 years
ImpactAll patients at the Thalassaemia Day Care Centre in Vashi had reaction-free blood transfusions.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Provided Leukocyte Filters to the Centre 1260
Project NameThalassaemia Minor Screening Camps
Amount Utilized (INR)700000
Project DescriptionAwareness was created among youngsters in colleges, corporates and residential areas about Thalassaemia Minor. This was followed by collection of blood samples of those who wished to be screened for Thalassaemia Minor. Samples were submitted to the laboratory, and Reports were obtained and submitted to the persons concerned. This was followed by counselling of those detected as Thalassaemia Minor.
LocationsMumbai City > Maharashtra (MH),Mumbai suburban > Maharashtra (MH),Thane > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesHealth > Preventive Healthcare
Beneficiary GroupOthers
Beneficiary DescriptionStudents in colleges, youngsters in offices and residential areas, from both sexes numbering more than 8000.
ImpactAll persons who came forward for the screening tests obtained and report on the Complete Blood Count. Secondly, they also learnt about their 'carrier" statu, which would enable them to prevent the tragedy of Thalassaemia Major in their future families.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Awareness sessions for youngsters 20000
2 Collection of blood samples
3 Submission of Laboratory reports
4 Counselling of Thalassaemia Minors who came forward
Project NameMedicines, medical investigations and medical emergencies
Amount Utilized (INR)420000
Project DescriptionConditions arising out of iron overload are the main cause of fatalities among thalassaemia patients. Firstly, medicines were provided to patients with high iron overload. Secondly, laboratory investigations were conducted to identifiy thalassaemia patients with complications. Thirdly, financial support was provided to patients who needed hospitalization.
LocationsMumbai City > Maharashtra (MH),Mumbai suburban > Maharashtra (MH),Thane > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesHealth > Medical Aid,Health > Testing & Screening
Beneficiary GroupChildren,Persons with Disabilities
Beneficiary Description70 thalassaemic children from both sexes, ranging in age from 5 years to 30 years
ImpactLife-saving relief was provided to thalassaemia patients
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Injectable iron chelators to thalassaemia patients 10
2 Medical investigations 50
3 Hospitalization support 5

Fund Utilization in 2018

Total funds raised in 2018 - INR 2954000

Project NameLife-saving management of Thalassaemia patiemts
Amount Utilized (INR)3000000
Project DescriptionFunds were used for :
a. Leukocyte Filters used during blood transfusions
b. medicines to take care of iron overload
c. Medical investigations including M.R.I. and DEXA Scans
d. Upgradation of Day Care Centre
e. Thalassaemia Minor Screening Camps
f. Pre-natal Diagnosis
g. HLA Typing Exercises
LocationsMumbai City > Maharashtra (MH),Mumbai City > Maharashtra (MH),Aurangabad > Maharashtra (MH),Chandrapur > Maharashtra (MH),Jalna > Maharashtra (MH),Latur > Maharashtra (MH),Parbhani > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesHealth > Medical Aid,Health > Preventive Healthcare
ImpactReduced morbidity for thalassaemia patients.
Increased life-expectancy of thalassaemia patients
Prevented thalassaemia major through Pre-Natal Diagnosis
Identified thalassaemia major children eligible for Bone Marrow Transplants
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Blood Donation Camps to beneft all transfusion-dependent patients benefit to more than 70000 ptients
2 Managed Thalassaemia Day Care Centres in Mumbai benefit to 320 patients
3 Managed thalassaemia Day Care Centres in interiors of Maharashtra benefit to 340 patients
4 HLA-Typing Exercise for thalassaemia patients and siblings benefit to 100 patients = Siblings
` 30500 of ` 2500000
Raised by 10 contributors.
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