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Jai Vakeel Foundation and Research Centre

About Us

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Address: Abhyudaya Nagar Housing Colony, Opp Bldg. No. 12, Near Kalachowki Police Station, Sewri Hill, Sewri, Mumbai - 400033

Aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Who We Are

Founded in 1944, Jai Vakeel Foundation (JVF) is one of the oldest & largest not for profit institutes in India serving children & adults with Intellectual Disability (ID). We serve the entire spectrum of ID from borderline IQ to mild, moderate, severe and even the most profoundly challenged.
At JVF, we are committed to looking at each child with a belief in their potential to lead fuller and more inclusive lives. We aim to integrate our children to the maximum extent possible, be it in family, community & society. Towards this objective we have developed a holistic model of interventions (Healthcare, Education and Skilling) to enable our children to participate with equal opportunity in society. The definition of participation may look different for different children, but we focus on the potential and not on the disability.
Annually, we serve 750 individuals (ages 3-50 years) with ID on our 3 campuses of Mumbai, Deolali & Talegaon and serve another 2,400 children through rural medical camps. Further we work with 436 special schools in Maharashtra through our state partnership program - Disha Abhiyan and hope to impact the education of 18,000 children enrolled in them.

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Raising Funds For

Persons with Intellectual Disability (PwID) have an IQ less than 70 (Normal IQ is 90-100) which significantly impairs intellectual functioning as well as activities of daily living.
At Jai Vakeel Foundation we believe that each PwID has the potential to lead a fuller and more inclusive life. Initiatives are aimed at integrating students to the maximum extent possible - be it in family, community and/or society. Towards this objective we have grown a holistic model of intervention that is crucial in the multi-dimensional development of each student. Interventions include healthcare, education, skill development . In Education, we run our own schools in Mumbai, Talegaon & Deolali and disseminate our standardized, accredited curriculum across 436 special schools in Maharashtra. Post 18 our students move to the Skill Development Center, where depending on the severity of ID, adults are either provided vocational training, activities of daily living or livelihood opportunities. Our Healthcare vertical extends medical consultations, therapy, counseling sessions to our students enrolled at the Schools and Skill Development centre.
The Annual Budget to support the above holistic interventions is 22 crores and Funds raised will allow our students to access their basic right of quality education and healthcare.

Fund Utilization in 2023

Total funds raised in 2023 - INR 2618923

Project NameRural Pediatric Neurology Camp at Dhule & JVF Special School, Talegaon
Amount Utilized (INR)2618923
Project DescriptionFunds collected through UWM were utilized to partly meet the expenses of :
a.) The Rural Pediatric neurology camp at Dhule where a team of 20-25 healthcare professionals visit the area biannually for consultations and provided medical and therapeutic intervention along with nutritional supplements and free medicines to children with neurological disorders and epilepsy. A total of 457 beneficiaries were served at the Dhule camp held in June 2023.
b.) The Jai Vakeel Special school at Talegaon where we provide holistic education to 52 children with Intellectual disability between the ages of 3-18 years by focusing on functional academics and pre vocational training. Apart from the day to day practice of innovative ways of teaching academics, students also enjoyed the thrills of co-curriculars, participation in competitions, celebration of festivals, an exciting fun fair on Children’s Day, a joyful competitive spirit on Sports Day, a grand Annual Day and even went on various kinds of field visits through Community Integration Programs initiative.
LocationsDhule > Maharashtra (MH),Nanded > Maharashtra (MH),Dhule > Maharashtra (MH)
CausesEducation ,Health
Beneficiary GroupChildren,Persons with Disabilities
Beneficiary DescriptionJai Vakeel Foundation works with children and adults (ages 3-50 years ) who have an intellectual disability, which is a neuro-developmental disorder characterized by significantly impaired intellectual functioning (such as learning, problem solving, judgment) as well as adaptive functioning (activities of daily life such as communication and independent living). Individuals with IDD have an IQ less than 70 (Normal IQ is 90-100) in addition to deficits in adaptive behaviors that affect their everyday life. Further, they frequently have other associated disorders such as autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, visual impairment and or hearing impairment.
Impacta.) Rural Pediatric neurology camp at Dhule: The camps are run by a team of volunteers that include pediatric neurologists, ophthalmologists, EEG technicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dietician & nutritionists, psychologists, and speech therapists and other professionals who provide medical consultations, run the the necessary medical investigations and prescribe treatment , give guidance on therapeutic interventions and free medicine including nutritional supplements.
457 unique children were served through the various medical and therapeutic interventions offered at the Dhule-Pediatric Neurology Medical Camp. Additionally, 266 children were given medicines free of cost and 299 children were given nutritional supplements free of cost.
b.) With 52 enrolled students’ Individualized Education Program (IEP) developed and tracked through periodic assessments, 81% of the goals showed progress between baseline and endline across domains of a) Activities of daily living b) Communication c) Educational activities d) recreation e) social adaptive behaviour and f) life skills. In addition to Functional academics & prevocational training , Students were given exposure to 4 co-curriculars, 7 competitions & concerts and 8 Community Integration Programs
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Total no. of children served at the Rural Pediatric neurology camp at Dhule 457
2 Total no. of children who were provided free medicines 266
3 Total no. of children who were provided free nutrition supplements 299
4 No. of Students for whom Individualized Education Program was developed 52
5 No. of Community Integration Programs conducted for Students 8
6 No. of Cocurriculars provided to students 4
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