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Address: 2 Floor ,M/S Mukund Synthetic Industries,R.R Industrial Estate,W.E Highway Road,Kashimira,Mira Road(E),Thane,Maharashtra-401104

Aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Who We Are

About Goonj –21 years old nonprofit working pan India
 working extensively across urban and rural parts of 25 states and UTs of India.
 1000+ team, 8 urban offices in all big metros, 11+rural implementation offices.
 Thousands of urban and rural volunteers.
 A strong network of a few hundred grassroots partner organizations and hundreds of corporates and
institutional partners in cities.
 Doing large scale disaster relief and rehab work with a reliable and time tested, need based disaster relief & rehabilitation approach across India. Most
recently in Kerala floods in 2018 and massive cyclone in Odisha in 2019. More on that here.
 Goonj has worked through some known disasters - from cloud burst, floods, drought, earthquakes,
landslides, tsunami to some ignored disasters like fire and winters. water crisis where lost livelihoods etc. have deep and persistent impact on the lives
of people.

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Our Fundraisers

Shahzad Barodawala

` 8000
of ` 100000
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Neelima Akhtor

` 7000
of ` 50000
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` 2000
of ` 100000
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Priyanka Phatarphod

` 0
of ` 50000
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Vishak Krishnaswamy

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of ` 80000
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Raising Funds For

After the India-wide lockdown, a lot of jobless migrant workers are stuck in cities with hardly any resources. Many started retreating back to their villages. With the loss of livelihoods, a large number of them will now struggle to support their families.

Our instant support is for migrants who are in cities. Our strength and long term focus is on the villages also, where a vast majority is or has retreated. We are geared up for the aftermath of this pandemic, intending to reach out to families who due to paucity of resources and livelihood options are badly affected.

Fund Utilization in 2019

Total funds raised in 2019 - INR 495600

Project NameGoonj
Amount Utilized (INR)495600
Project DescriptionGoonj works with the core philosophy that the excess material lying unused in urban households could be channelized to rural needy areas and could be used as a tool to carry out developmental activities. Materials that have been sitting in a corner of the cupboard could be shared with someone who needs it. Goonj, a 20 years old organization, thus channelizes around 4000 tonnes of a variety of usable material like clothes, school material, sanitary pads, utensils etc. as a critical development resource in remote parts of 22 states of India. The material is not given free of cost rather people get it with a lot of dignity and self- respect in lieu of practical development works that they choose to work on like road cleaning/ repair, making a bamboo school, cleaning water bodies, drainage system etc. Please refer our website for more details:
Locations Pan India
CausesEnvironment > Others
Beneficiary GroupChildren,Women,Elderly,Persons with Disabilities,Tribal community,Others
Beneficiary DescriptionGoonj.. works cross sector and the activities take place mostly in rural areas. We work with people in parts of 22 states in the country. Please refer for more details.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Goonj 495600

Fund Utilization in 2018

Total funds raised in 2018 - INR 431086

Project NameSchool to School
Amount Utilized (INR)428861
Project DescriptionThe School to School initiative targets the urban as well as the rural children. The urban children learn the importance of recycling resources which would otherwise reach the dumping grounds and feel empowered by helping a child their age get back to school. The rural child is provided the supplies as an award and not charity. This helps improve the involvement in class (awards for involvement and attendance) and general hygiene (cleanliness award) and increase their self confidence.
LocationsVisakhapatnam > Andhra Pradesh (AP),Kandhamal > Odisha (OD)
CausesEducation > School Adoption
ImpactReaching resource deprived schools and anaganwadi’s with under –utilized material from urban schools. Goonj’s School material is a tool of motivation for children, thus it’s about a behavioral changes in the long run. These will largely be qualitative changes but also quantitative changes which will manifest in many ways like better attendance, more admissions, more involvement of students in school work, better hygiene levels etc.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Reached children with educational material 600 plus
` 14000 of ` 1000000
Raised by 4 contributors.
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