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Sense International India

About Us

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Address: Sense International (India), 2nd. Floor, Admin Block, Andhjan Mandal Campus, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380015

Aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Who We Are

Sense International India, also known as Sense India, was established in 1997 as the first and only non-governmental organisation to support the development of comprehensive services for people with deafblindness and multiple disabilities throughout India. Sense India works with local organisations to develop sustainable services for children and adults with deafblindness and collaborates with the government at centre and state levels. We have reached to provide needs-based services to around 80,000 children with deafblindness directly through 60 partner NGOs in 23 states of India, and through collaboration with the government’s national Samagra Shiksha - ‘inclusive education’ programme. With our effort, children with deafblindness and multiple disabilities have been identified and are being prepared to attend mainstream schools. We are also partnering with leading organisations in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Malaysia to train educators and setup needs-based services for deafblind.

Sense India advocates for the recognition and realisation of rights of persons with deafblindness with the government and our biggest achievement has been recognition of ‘Deafblindness’ in the Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2016 and their rights are now protected. The inclusion of vaccination for Rubella under the Universal Immunization Programme is another significant achievement of our advocacy initiatives. We are a member of several Central Government and State level advisory groups. Sense India is accredited by the United Nations and enjoys consultative status on deafblindness.

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Raising Funds For

Every RUN has a DESTINATION. On 21st January 2024, Deafblind children and adults run to show their existence!

Have you heard about deafblindness? Do you know that nearly 5 lakh deafblind people are unable to both see as well as hear? They live in isolation and neglect – being denied even the basic human emotions of love and care, right to education and job, medical care amongst other needs that are taken for granted by most of us.

We are on a mission to change that!

Since its inception, Sense India has been supporting and advocating for better care through early intervention, customised education and livelihood opportunities for deafblind children and adults across India. Our work is transforming the lives of more than 80,000+ deafblind people from isolation and neglect to communication, interaction and self-esteem.

Access to intervention and services changes everything - it helps deafblind children unlock their potential and explore the world around them. But our efforts to reach them early can’t start without your support.
You can help provide education, income, dignity, and health. Here’s how you can take action today:
• Buy a Charity Bib - participate in any race category with Sense India and run for children with deafblindness
• Hold a fundraising event
• Raise fund online via campaign
• Be our corporate team

No matter how old you are, where you live, or whether or not you can participate in Marathon, you can help a deafblind child—and you can start right here.

Fund Utilization in 2023

Total funds raised in 2023 - INR 155102

Project NameEducation and rehabilitation services for children and adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilities in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Amount Utilized (INR)155102
Project DescriptionThis project was used to provide individualised needs based early intervention, education, healthcare, vocational training and rehabilitation services to 60 children and adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilities in Sense India’s deafblind centre in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat for their overall development and inclusion in the society.
LocationsAhmedabad > Gujarat (GJ)
CausesEducation > Non formal education
Beneficiary GroupPersons with Disabilities
Beneficiary DescriptionThe beneficiary group consists of children and adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilities. Deafblindness being a very unique and challenging disability, people with deafblindness are victim of negligence, discrimination and exclusion and often deprived of basic rights like education, good health and social acceptance.
ImpactThe current Sense India’s deafblind centre in Ahmedabad is now well established and known for providing services to 60 children and young adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilities. Nearby hospitals, health care centres and others are contacting us directly when they come a child with deafblindness. Parents through the reputation in the district have also started approaching us for their children with deafblindness.
The centre has also become knowledge hub and leader on deafblindness in the entire western region of India and providing support to other NGOs on deafblindness who are working in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa and Madhya Pradesh.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 1. Education and rehabilitation services support to 60 children with deafblindness and multiple disabilities in the community 60
2 2. Ensure the identified children receive Centre-based and/ or Home-based services – 60 children and adults were provided required individualised needs based services such as therapeutic services, education services etc. 60
3 3. Capacity Building of project staff, network partners and stakeholders at different level to work with children with deafblindness
` 12000 of ` 1000000
Raised by 3 contributors.
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