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Who We Are

As a part of Isha’s social outreach programs, Isha Vidhya rural schools have been started in villages (under the umbrella of Isha Education, established in 2005) to provide high-quality school education to underprivileged rural children who cannot otherwise access or afford it. In 2012, Isha Vidhya began to carry out critical interventions to improve the quality of education in rural Government schools.
Isha Vidhya currently runs 9 schools in Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh. The schools presently have 7738 children, with 61% students on free education supported by donations under a scholarship program, while the rest pay a nominal fee. Highlights include:
> take education beyond literacy and rudimentary skills
> strive to make children fluent in English and adept in computer skills
> adopt a nurturing approach to education, helping children realize their full potential
> promote education for girls
> increase educational awareness in rural communities while preserving local identities and culture
> equip rural youth with skills to rise above ‘hopeless’ situations of the past
Isha is currently carrying out critical interventions in 121 rural government schools in the districts of Coimbatore, Tirupur, Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Villupuram and Salem of Tamil Nadu, benefiting over 28,000 students. In Andhra Pradesh, a project for direct intervention in 3000 Govt. schools in Chittoor Dt. is also benefiting over 100000 children and 10500 Govt. teachers.

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Raising Funds For

Educate a Child… Make a Life!

Why Support Isha Vidhya?
Isha Vidhya's English-medium schools provide high-quality school education to rural children who cannot otherwise access or afford it. They adopt a nurturing & holistic approach to education, helping children realize their full potential. Your donation will go 100% towards creating critical infrastructure like classrooms, toilets, school buses, library or labs or providing scholarships to needy children.

Why Donate?
Education is the only ladder that we could provide to raise these underprivileged rural children from poverty. For most of these children, their only good meal of the day is at school. Many learn how to use a toilet and other aspects of personal hygiene only at school. The schools transform almost every aspect of a child's life & parental attitudes to education as well, while preserving and enhancing awareness of their local culture.

Fund Utilization in 2017

Total funds raised in 2017 - INR 13543299

3 project heads listed.
Project NameScholarship Subsidy
Amount Utilized (INR)8281500
Project DescriptionScholarships and fee subsidies are provided to deserving students who are selected through a comprehensive allocation process which ensures that only students truly in need receive this help. Sponsors are matched with specific students and receive regular updates with photos, letters and progress reports. Sponsors are encouraged to support a student for the entire duration of education at Isha Vidhya.
LocationsCoimbatore > Tamil Nadu (TN),Erode > Tamil Nadu (TN),Salem > Tamil Nadu (TN),Dharmapuri > Tamil Nadu (TN),Viluppuram > Tamil Nadu (TN),Cuddalore > Tamil Nadu (TN),Thoothukudi > Tamil Nadu (TN),Kanyakumari > Tamil Nadu (TN)
CausesEducation > Education Scholarships
ImpactEven nominal fees are too much for some rural families. Recognizing this challenge, Isha Vidhya provides scholarships which cover students’ tuition, notebooks and textbooks. This allows children who would otherwise only be able to study in govt. schools, to get a high-quality education in Isha Vidhya schools.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Full Education support 183
2 Scholarship 303
3 Noon Meal 128
4 Transport 66
5 Scholarship + Noon meal 17
Project NameClassroom construction at Isha Vidhya school, Karur
Amount Utilized (INR)2700000
Project DescriptionFor every additional classroom built, 40 children can be educated every year. Well ventilated and spacious classrooms are designed so that students are happy to learn and teachers happy to teach.
LocationsKarur > Tamil Nadu (TN)
CausesEducation > Others
ImpactThese 3 classrooms would educate 4,800 children over a lifespan period of 40 years.
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Classrooms 3
Project NameInfrastructure creation at Isha Vidhya Schools
Amount Utilized (INR)2603979
Project DescriptionThe funds were also utilized to construct toilets, handwash area, staircase and common areas in Isha Vidhya Schools at Cuddalore, Villupuram and Nagercoil districts
LocationsCuddalore > Tamil Nadu (TN),Viluppuram > Tamil Nadu (TN),Kanyakumari > Tamil Nadu (TN)
CausesEducation > Others
ImpactA total of 2,000 children will get benefitted through these facilities
Activities Conducted
NoActivity / Item / BeneficiariesQuantity / Number, if applicable
1 Infrastructure creation at Isha Vidhya schools 3
` 342451 of ` 20000000
Raised by 34 contributors.
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