World Hepatitis Day 2017

Hepatitis B is 50-100 times more infectious than HIV. Yet, United Way Mumbai's report on the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) among Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) towards Hepatitis B revealed that 93% of the CSW respondents of UWM's study were unaware of Hepatitis B, its symptoms and modes of transmission. To combat the lack of awareness, Govt. and NGO run Hepatitis prevention programs must emphasize the severity of Hepatitis over HIV via a thematic, time-bound approach, to improve awareness among CSWs, regarding Hepatitis. 

The issue was raised and debated in a panel discussion "Tackling Hepatitis B in Mumbai: Successes, Challenges and Opportunities" held on World Hepatitis Day 2017 at the ITC Grand in Parel, Mumbai. Panellists at the event were experts from the field. United Way Mumbai also unveiled the KAP report at the event. To read the full report, please click here:

A few images from the event: