United Way Mumbai Day of Action: Let's READ Carnival

The Lets READ Carnival, an all-day event, which happened on the 22nd of June, 2017, aimed to bring the world of books and reading under one roof. On 22nd, 1500 underprivileged children from 15 NGOs, working across the city of Mumbai were treated to a day filled with fun, learning and the magic and wonder of books. 

At the event, nine gifted professional storytellers brought stories to life, by engaging and entertaining children through 48 sessions of storytelling and art and craft activities. Student workshops were held to give children the opportunity to learn about various careers available in the world of books, from professionals in the industry. Teachers' workshops were also conducted to guide the teachers in making stories come alive, for their students.

Overall, 9000 books were distributed to the children during the Carnival.