Work Done by MahaPECO

The funds raised will be donated for the #RISE4India campaign that aims at providing oxygen supplies and other medical items to hospitals and patients. It will also support the needy with ration requirements for free. 

We work closely with various organisations to meet the requirements from National Health Mission and Public Health Department supporting hospitals right from the District level to Primary Healthcare Centres. 

You can find more information about our ongoing work at

Following is the update on our work, as of 28 May 2021
  • 196 Oxygen Concentrators have already been distributed.
  • 30 Ventilators 
  • 140 Hospital beds 
  • 2405 Menstrual Kits 
  • 15 High-Frequency Oxygen Machines 
  • 14030 Ration Kits
  • 22595 Cooked Meals 
  • 35000 Masks, 9827 PPE kits, 22390 Soaps
We thank you in anticipation of your donation, what will you receive in return will no doubt be many fold more.

Thank you for your contribution towards #RISE4India