Paaoolkhuna - Jaya He Carnival, 2019 begins at T2 CSMIA, Mumbai

The Paaoolkhuna - Jaya He Carnival began with the terminal being transformed through the colours of Maharashtrian culture. Activities included folk dance performances, storytelling sessions, Warli painting workshops, Yoga workshops and the unveiling of the exceptional and newly created selfie points.
Recycled cardboard and corrugated sheets were transmuted into art installations inspired by the caves at Ajanta (Left). The installations also included the largest 3D printed installation in India (Right).
Through its art installations and selfie points, the Carnival relays a message of conscious upcycling and creates awareness about Maharashtrian culture. The selfie points included one that is inspired by Paithani sarees of Maharashtra and is made of recycled plastic wrappers with hand-embroidered Paithani motifs on the plastic handloom base (Left). Another point, created by students of an art college, brought together various aspects of the culture of Maharashtra.