Project Ankur: World Health Day Activities

As part of World Health Day 2019, UWM conducted a session with mothers at Anganwadi centres in Panvel. The activity addressed the importance of having a plate of well-balanced nutrients in every meal. The project team also oriented the group on the benefits of each food group and how it contributed to their child’s overall development. Women who attended this session included pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, many of whom had elder children enrolled at the centre. The UWM team oriented the group on the variety of foods they could include under each group i.e. carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dairy, etc.  In the event that a family was vegetarian or had food intolerances, the project team provided alternative options that possessed the same nutritional value. Each individual was given a diagram of a plate, divided as per a balanced diet. The task was to fill in what they fed their children and themselves under each food group. In the event that someone was unable to read/write, the project team assisted with the same.