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Lakshmi is a school drop out due to financial conditions of family. Still, with her intense grit, she attended a vocational skill training program in her community, later got employed as an assistant trainer, took part in product design with her innate creative skills and today leading a Social Enterprise launched by Nirmaan 'Threads of Hope', she says 'I am confident that I can support myself at any stage of possible distress in my future life..!'

Nirmaan has 400+ such inspiring women identified from grassroots seeking one opportunity to HELP THEMSELVES! DONATE INR5000 to support one woman & most importantly, every small contribution adds to our mission and is deeply valued.

Program Brief:
Nirmaan Women Livelihoods Program supports illiterate, semi-literate and educated women hailing from under-served / underprivileged communities (urban slums, sub-urban, rural, tribal) through vocational skill development, placement-oriented skill enhancement programs, entrepreneur development support, awareness workshops etc.

About Me

I am a Social Worker on a full time mission towards realizing the dream of our forefathers who fought for independence and self-reliance. As a Co-founder of Nirmaan Organization, erstwhile 'My India', we are a team of 200+ social workers dedicated to be catalysts of change.
6 Flagship Programs - 1 Million+ Beneficiaries - 8 States of India - 800+ Volunteer Network
We believe that Social Change has 2 pillars: Empathetic Giving Hands & Efficient and Transparent Doing Hands. We strive to be later and constantly look forward for former.


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