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Srinivas Mangipudi
Our Mahindra Open Drive campaign site is now closed and will open again only for the next edition.

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HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INDIA’s STAY AT SCHOOL campaign is a direct outreach program aimed at combating this and reversing the trend in favour of a girl child’s right to education, healthcare and sanitation.

I am partnering with Habitat for Humanity India to both raise awareness and actively support this cause! Your generous support will help us build gender segregated sanitation facilities in schools that lack a decent sanitation unit. We will also carry out structured behavior change communication program to sensitise students and school staff on sanitation, hygiene and to sensitise adolescent girls on puberty and menstrual health management.

Every year, over 23 million girls in India drop out of school after attaining puberty. Due to lack of improved sanitation units, young girls stop going to school during menstruation for the fear of being shamed. Absence of toilets, lack of access to sanitary pads and knowledge of menstrual hygiene make them vulnerable to major infections, which left unaddressed, affects reproductive health and their overall health. It is critical for our girls to break free of shame and constraints attached to menstruation.

Our campaign also supports United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation and Goal 4 - Quality Education.

More information is available at https://habitatindia.org/campaigns/stay-at-school/

About Me

I’m Srinivas and my array of passions are with Photopraghy, being the topmost, followed by Cooking, Reading, Singing, Philosophy. I have a thorough understanding on Computer Technologies and its application to business problems. I have connected with Habitat for Humanity about 2 years ago and supported them for construction of toilets for the vulnerable people in the society. My journey with Habitat India continues to grow. And this time I have taken up the challenge of helping them raise funds for the cause of Stay at School Campaign. I am participating in Mahindra Open Drive with my Ford EcoSport and driving to Goa with them.


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3rd November 2019

All the best and keep up the good work

Siddhartha Murthy
30th October 2019

All the best for the great work.

Praveen Shetty
22nd October 2019

All the best

Srinivas Mangipudi
10th October 2019

All the best with the campaign

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