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Arthi Kamat
Our Mahindra Open Drive campaign site is now closed and will open again only for the next edition.

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Arthi Kamat

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Sethu was an obvious choice as their cause is very close to my heart. I have witnessed firsthand the work that they have done and continue to do, with my nephew who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. At Sethu Child Development Centre, children with developmental, emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties receive unconditional acceptance and excellent care. It is a haven where parents receive much needed guidance and support as they navigate an unknown route with their child.

When I moved back home to Goa, I got the opportunity of volunteering at Sethu and began to comprehend the extent of their commitment towards the cause of ensuring that every child has access to the support that it needs to realize its potential.

There are many children like my nephew that need support and early intervention. Sethu is passionate about helping them all and would like to attend to everyone who reaches out. However, this requires many more hands & hearts (bigger team) and a place to accommodate them, as well as the center for multi-disciplinary services that they aspire to make available for children and their families.

This fundraiser is one small step towards helping Sethu achieve their mission.

About Me

I am a travel industry professional with a career spanning over 2 decades. Last year I quit my job with a leading international airline in Mumbai, to move back home to Goa. Letting go of a job that I loved and enjoyed tremendously was not easy, especially when it entailed leaving an organization that I hugely admired. That said, it was a decision that aligned with my ardent desire to be a part of the development in my home state.

Supporting Sethu allows me to be a part of an endeavor that makes a positive difference to the lives of people. It would be hugely gratifying to channelize my passion and the experience gained in the corporate world towards a cause far greater than the self.


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Abhijit Prabhu
7th November 2019

Keep up the good work Arti, all the best.

24th October 2019

Dear Arati All the Best NellyAnne & Lenin De Monte Furtado

Kousik Rajan
18th October 2019

Best wishes

Atmanand Varde
15th October 2019

Keep up the good work Arti.

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Kousik Rajan
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Arthi Kamat