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Our Mahindra Open Drive campaign site is now closed and will open again only for the next edition.

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The COOJ Geriatric and Dementia Program was started with the main goal of improving the quality of life of senior citizens. It promotes health, well-being, and independence through recreation, creative and therapeutic activities, support services and information.
To provide for assessment and treatment for memory problems
To encourage social interaction and remove isolation
To promote skill enhancement and development
To provide therapeutic interventions for normal aging, as well as dementia
To reduce caregiver burden through services like support groups, domiciliary care and training
To create awareness about geriatric mental health and dementia
Being truly heard can make a huge difference in a senior’s life and the main factor that predicts thriving in older age is whether the person feels engaged in his or her life. The program’s benefits include:
Helping the elderly to feel more connected and less isolated through regular social and interactive activities
Providing assessment and treatment opportunities for seniors facing memory problems
Providing various platforms for them to exercise and maintain their cognitive, emotional and physical abilities
Motivating and inspiring them to find and sustain their self-worth and confidence.
Reducing caregiver burden through various support services

About Me

COOJ Mental Health Foundation (COOJ) is a registered Charitable Trust (Reg. Number 2211/02) that works towards promoting mental health in Goa. Since our inception, we have been tirelessly reaching out to people who have been affected with mental illness or disability. We operate projects under 4 major mental health needs: Psychosocial rehabilitation, Suicide Prevention, Geriatric & Dementia Care and Community Mental health. As part of our work we run mental health clinics, day care centres, support groups, conduct rural camps, workshops, awareness programmes and a suicide prevention helpline, besides advocating the rights of persons with mental illness.


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5th November 2019

God bless COOJ!

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