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Maharashtra has been in the news due to the severe malnutrition and related deaths in many tribal and rural communities. As many as 83,068 children below the age of six have been categorized as severely underweight in the state in 2015-16. Few of the worst affected communities are in Palghar and Raigad, districts that are barely 100 km to the north of Mumbai, India’s financial capital! 13 children have died in Palghar itself in the last two months. Severe water crises have only worsened the situation. Even Bombay High court has voiced concern over the death of 17,000 persons due to malnutrition, in tribal areas of the state in the last one year and has called for widespread interventions. Ironically, Maharashtra which is one of the most industrialized states of India, also accounts for among the highest malnutrition rates in the country. UWM has been working in targeted communities on projects addressing nutrition, hunger in vulnerable groups with specific focus on children, and has over the years, established a credible track record in arriving at the most relevant, impactful and sustainable intervention on these challenges and related health issues.We are keen that the experience gained in these areas be extended to the affected communities in Maharashtra.

It is time we came forward to address this situation. Deaths due to lack of food and nutrition in communities so close to Mumbai cannot and should not be allowed to happen. We are reaching out to you to partner with us. On immediate basis, UWM plans to undertake result oriented and time bound interventions for provision of nutritional supplements to over 1000 undernourished children with following interventions over the next seven months:

  • Establishing Partnerships with Integrated Child Development Scheme of Government which provides supplementary nutrition to children below 6 years of age, pregnant women and lactating mothers.
  • Identification of undernourished children: Baseline and midline assessment to determine number of children who are undernourished and targeting them specifically to ensure visible impact.
  • Distribution of nutritional supplement: Specifically designed nutritional supplement with locally sourced but nutritious food (a Special Feed consisting of milk powder, peanut, sugar, vegetable oil, eggs etc.) will be provided to identified children on daily basis for minimum of five months. Effort will be to provide 500 energy (Kcal) per day to identified children and bring the child from undernourished state to a healthy state.
  • Growth Monitoring, Medical referrals and parent counselling of children receiving nutritional supplements.
The cost of providing the much needed nutritional supplements for five months is just INR 4000/- (US$ 62) per child, and will include procurement of nutrition supplements, transportation, distribution in difficult to access areas, periodic growth monitoring, counselling sessions with parents and reporting.

Please join us as we reach out to the children in rural Palghar and Raigad. Let us ensure we create a healthy and sustainable future for these children.

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