Maharashtra Flood Disaster Response

Maharashtra is currently witnessing high-intensity floods due to the incessant rains over the past few weeks. 4,00,000 people are estimated to have been displaced and 36 have lost their lives. All 12 talukas in Kolhapur, 4 of 11 in Satara and 4 of 10 in Sangli are reported to be worst affected. Water levels have risen in rivers following heavy rains in each of these 3 districts.

The NDRF, Army, Navy & Coast Guard are now involved in rescue efforts. Once the rescue phase of the disaster is completed by government agencies, families will require our ongoing support to tide over this crisis and rebuild their lives.

United Way Mumbai’s approach to disaster response includes immediate relief, as well as mid-term and long term rehabilitation of affected communities. With your support, we can stand #UnitedForMaharashtra.


In the immediate relief phase, we are working with the district administration and on ground, partners to assess the needs of affected communities in Kolhapur, Sangli and Satara. The current needs on ground are as follows:

Inundation and lack of toilet facilities pose the threat of the spread of diseases amongst affected families. Providing hygiene facilities for persons who have been displaced from their homes will help ensure they prevent diseases and live with dignity. A hygiene kit for a family includes antiseptic, detergent, toothpastes, toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, towels, combs, bucket with lid, ORS sachets, broom, water disinfectant, handwash, phenyl and mosquito coils.
The cost of one hygiene kit for a family is INR 1580

Families that have lost their belongings or been displaced can be helped to rebuild their lives through donation of household item kits. Each kit includes steel plates, steel glasses, steel bowls, curry pot, pan,  spoons, mat and blankets as per the needs of the family.
The cost of one household item kit for a family is INR 2010.

Children have lost their books and school supplies due to the floods. School kits will include notebooks, compass box, school bag, tiffin box, pens and crayons.
The cost of one complete school supplies kit is INR 560.

Floods can potentially increase the transmission of communicable water-borne diseases as well as vector-borne diseases. Mobile medical camps will be organized with the objective of providing immediate and basic health services to affected populations and preventing the spread of epidemics. Families shall be given free medical consultations and issued basic and important medications on a case to case basis. It is expected that each camp can cater to about 200-250 patients over a week.
The cost of one health camp (7 days) is INR 3.36 lakh.

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