Indians Need Your Support! Help the Vulnerable Fight Covid-19

While the 2nd wave continues to affect the population in multitudes on a daily basis, the news of an imminent 3rd wave predicted to hit the children is an unprecedented challenge we must gear up for. 

While efforts are being made by our team working on the ground, the ability to combat the overwhelmed system and fill in the gaps is still a huge challenge. We are calling for larger support from every person to ensure each life especially of the youth is helped and saved in every way possible. Since March 2021, we have reached over 20 Million people under various programs. But, Today We Need YOUR Support to do more!

About Us
Maha PECONET is a network of 65+ organisations convened by UNICEF Maharashtra, with 300+ on-ground volunteers and teams working tirelessly since April 2020 to help the most vulnerable, ensuring that no one is left unattended in this time of crisis.

We are working closely with the Public Health Department for District Hospitals and other medical needs across all urban and rural geographies, small towns, villages and remote tribal areas of Maharashtra.

Our beneficiaries are COVID patients, affected families, vulnerable groups-women and children, transgender and sex workers.  We urge you to support and help accelerate our work to save lives by donating any amount possible towards the following interventions. You can also help us by sharing this in your network and on social media.

This is a 100% not-for-profit initiative. All donations received in India are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, India.
Foreign donations are also accepted.
For more details, visit us on or  Twitter @mahac19peconet
Contact:  (+91-97686-93003)
#TogetherWeCanFightCorona #Unite2FightCorona

Equipping Hospitals with Medical Supplies and Oxygen Concentrators

Our public health infrastructure is currently overwhelmed and struggling to cope with the surge in cases. To cater to the needs of their patients, hospitals require medical equipment such as Oxygen Concentrators, etc.

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Food Security

To compensate for the loss of income faced by marginalized communities, we propose to support families of daily wage earners, small business owners and self-employed persons through the provision of ration and hygiene essentials kits. The contents of the kit will suffice for a family of 4-5 persons for a period of one month.

We aim to distribute 1000 ration and hygiene essentials kits. Each kit costs INR 3000/-.

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Equipping Hospitals with Medical Supplies and Oxygen Concentrators
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Food Security
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