Jaya He Carnival

India’s rich artistic and cultural heritage does not receive its due. In spite of the wealth of art forms, the diverse and deep-rooted cultural traditions, Indians and the world at large, do not do enough to celebrate Indian art and artisans. Paaoolkhuna is an attempt to remedy this. Designed as a 2.5 month long festival at Mumbai’s Terminal 2, CSIA, Paaoolkhuna aims to give centre stage to Maharashtrian history, art, culture, food and people.

Paaoolkhuna - Imprints of Maharashtra

CSMIA's Terminal 2 (T2), visited by over 65000 national and international travellers on a daily basis is home to the Jaya He GVK New Museum. This museum, unlike traditional museums, is spread across 2 lakh sq.ft. of wall space and features art from across the country. It has been widely appreciated by travellers and invites every person to glimpse and develop an appreciation for art. Unlike traditional museums, which require dedicated visits, the Jaya He GVK New Museum brings art to the individual. It is therefore unique and inclusive with the clear intent of showcasing the best of India and promoting art. The Jaya He Carnival, hosted by the museum, is an opportunity to expand the opportunity and level of engagement through additional artworks, displays, featured performances and sharing of information.

In 2019, this Carnival will take the form of Paaoolkhuna, and be operational from 15th May to the end of July.

The festival will be centred around 75 days from 15th May to end July 2019. It is part of an international event – the International Council of Museum’s (ICOM) International Museum Day. Scheduled for 18th May 2019, the theme for this day is Museums as Cultural hubs – The Future of Tradition. In 2018, more than 40,000 museums participated in ICOM’s International Museum Day from across 158 countries.

Paaoolkhuna will focus on five regions of Maharashtra - Konkan, Khandesh, Desh, Vidarbha & Marathwada, while retaining Mumbai in focus throughout. Each region (in the order mentioned above) will have a 2-week focus. Engagement will be at multiple locations across the airport.

United Way Mumbai is the Philanthropy Partner to this festival. Our objective is to:
  • Promote Indian art, culture and heritage
  • Extend art education to persons from marginalised communities
Protection of national heritage, art and culture, including promotion and development of traditional arts and handicrafts are an important part of CSR as per Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013. We invite you to partner with us for this festival and look forward to expanding art outreach programmes all year round with your support.

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Paaoolkhuna - Imprints of Maharashtra
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