Gyaan-Varsha, 2018

Digital Edutech Platform for Schools

The Gyaan Varsha project aims to equip government schools with a digital unit, which acts as a teaching aid and provides students with engaging educational content and interactive learning options, thereby enabling better retention capacity. The project also aims to help schools keep a real-time track of attendance and student performance.

The Gyaan Varsha unit is a digital touch screen with pre-loaded digital audio-visual content that correlates to the school education syllabus, customized tests, attendance management system and monitoring and evaluation of students’ performances. The unit is sought to be installed in government schools, by United Way Mumbai with support from UBS to aid classroom teaching through audiovisual means and learning retention through pre-fed, customized unit tests to gauge individual students' progress and monitor the school enrollment levels.

1200 students will benefit from the digital learning units installed as part of this programme.


Corporate Partner:

Institutional Partner:
Versatile Process Controls Pvt Ltd