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Chinmaya Mission is a global organization engaged in spiritual, educational and charitable activities ennobling the lives of millions in India and abroad in 25 countries

Chinmaya Mission Mumbai is one of the most dynamic centres in the world, spearheading social, cultural and spiritual upliftment for thousands, year after year.

Our Seva Projects reaffirm our Motto – Maximum Happiness to Maximum People For Maximum Time

Chinmaya Mission Mumbai conducts a wide range of seva activities at the grassroots level, benefitting thousands every year.

As this is the 108th Jayanti of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, we will be undertaking seva on a larger scale than ever before to commemorate his vast legacy.

Multi-Pronged Impact

Your contribution will support the setting up of a new centre in D.N.Nagar, Andheri, Mumbai, enabling greater outreach of the various activities of the Mission. The centre will have a hall of 880sq.ft. for activities and a separate flat of 305sq.ft. in the same building for an acharya to stay. The total cost of the project is Rs.7 crores. The centre will further the following sevas and much more: 

Medical Seva: Your contribution will go towards providing medicines and essentials, financial aid for surgery and treatments, organising blood donation camps.

CM Mumbai has facilitated 3500+ eye surgeries, 1300+ multi-diagnostic tests, distributed 250+ Jaipur foot, provided hearing aids for the children, facilitated shunt for brain surgery, subsidised cancer injections etc  

Annadaan Seva: Ration/food packets will be distributed to the needy. 10000+ ration kits & 2000+ meal packets for underprivileged, street children and Adivasi families have been distributed.

Educational Seva: Funds will go towards scholarships & stationary essentials for underprivileged children. 1200+ stationery kits, 30,000+ notebooks & pen drives have been distributed.

Spiritual Seva: CM Mumbai has 8 zones thriving with in-person/ online classes and activities for all age groups, most of which are free to attend. Your support will facilitate these.

10,000+ participate in Geeta Chanting Competitions every year, FREE. All prizes, organisational costs etc are raised through donations only. 

75+ Shishuvihar & Balavihar Classes are attended by more than 600 children, many from local slum areas. 125+ Study group & Devi Group classes are attended by 1500+ seekers.

Cultural Seva: Funds will also be utilised for upkeep of Chinmaya Pradeep, a first-of-its-kind outdoor Vedantic Park at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Powai, celebrating our glorious Indian cultural heritage. The entry to the park is FREE. About 5000 visitors come to the park each month. On festival days and special holidays it is more than 10,000. 

Donate generously to support all the above sevas and help us spread maximum happiness. 




My Fundraising Goal
` 3108346 of ` 30000000

About Me
I am serving in Chinmaya Mission Mumbai, since 23 years. I share the knowledge of Advaita Vedanta through talks on the Bhagavad Geeta, Upanishads and other texts of Vedanta & bhakti through camps, meditation retreats, interactive sessions etc. My work is also dedicated to empowering lives of the deserving, through various social service initiatives. I believe in empowerment of the children & the youth snd take up various camps and programmes etc for them. I love my country Bhaarat and take up Nation Building activites. I am proud of Sanatana Hindu Dharma and am serving the cause of its revival. Please join me in supporting the new centre and various sevas of Chinmaya Mission with the above objectives.
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"Swamiji Harih Om, Accept our humble offerings for a noble project carrying on the legacy of Pujya Gurudev"
26th January 2024
"Thank you Swamiji for the positive change you bring to our lives. God bless and more power to you"
21st January 2024
"on behalf of Maitreyi and Parth Agarwalla"
20th January 2024
"Donation from Pradeep Mafatlal Charity Trust."
Divya Pradeep Mafatlal
20th January 2024
"Thanks a ton for being a source of Gyaan and inspiration in my life through the center, the books, the commentories and the temple"
19th January 2024
"May Gurudevs Blessing keep you on path of bringing greater glory to our Chinmaya Mission "
Meenakshi Kumar
18th January 2024
"Contribution on behalf of Kavish Narang"
14th January 2024
"Hari Om🙏"
Roomi Banerjee
8th January 2024
"Wish you all the best from CHIRAYUSH VAKIL"
6th January 2024
"Hari Om. Thank you for guiding us with your knowledge and your life. "
Mehul Janodia
1st January 2024
"Swamiji, Pranam! "
31st December 2023
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My Fundraising Goal
` 3108346 of ` 30000000

Raising Money For
Central Chinmaya Mission Trust
Our mission, “to provide individuals from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive contributors to society”. Our goal is to give maximum happiness to the maximum number for the maximum time. Our thematic areas are education, healthcare, rural development, environment and livelihood.
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