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Let's READ - Support Children of Migrant Construction Workers

Let's READ is United Way Mumbai's campaign to reach out to 5000 underprivileged children and provide them with the opportunity to experience the joy of reading.

My Appeal

"For anyone, reading a book can open up portals to imaginary worlds that are fascinating and magical. Books have the power to entertain, educate and empower. It isn't all of us, however, who have the means to own books. Thousands of children who come from impoverished circumstances never even get the chance to read a book, let alone own one. These children rarely experience the joy we feel when we read a good book. It's time to join forces and set things right. United Way Mumbai's Let's READ campaign aims to gift beautifully crafted Kahani Tree books to 5000 children. I am raising funds for the NGO Mumbai Mobile Creches who are partnering with United Way Mumbai on the Lets READ campaign. They runs daycare centres across Mumbai city, inside construction sites for children of migrant construction workers. A set of 5 books will cost only INR 500. A mini library comprising of 150 books each will cost only INR 12000 Author Garrison Keillor sums up the value of a book as the perfect gift. He says, "A book is a gift you can open again and again". I aim to raise funds in order to give this perfect gift to children and appeal to you to join me."

Project Details

Mumbai Mobile Creches runs  daycare centres across Mumbai city, inside construction sites for children of migrant construction workers. Their education programme aims to prepare children for school, focusing on providing basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills, along with after school care, if needed. The aim is to ensure that children are given the necessary support so that they do not drop out of the educational system.

Your support can ensure that these bright minds can enjoy the uplifting experience of reading a book.

Target: 1100 Children. 12 Mini-Libraries. 7300 Books.

` 221000 of ` 500000

About Me

What is life without the joy of reading? As a child, the best part of the day was when I could sit with a book and immerse myself in a world far removed from mine. Books let my imagination take over and challenged the way I thought. In many ways, they helped shape me to become the person I grew up to be. For many children living in marginalized communities in Mumbai, owning a set of books is a distant dream. I believe that every child should have the opportunity to discover the wonder and joy of books.Let�s READ is United Way Mumbai's citywide initiative, which aims to nurture a love for books and reading among children who cannot afford access to books of their own. The books will be curated keeping in mind the age, language proficiency and reading levels of the children.I believe this is a dependable and affordable way to ensure the joy of reading is shared with children who otherwise do not have an opportunity to dream. As Neil Gaiman said,


Karina Roberts
17th July 2016

Great cause! Good luck Ma'am!

Anju Kadam
5th June 2016

Reading opens news worlds and new perspectives and gives the readers mind fuel for growth. Thank you Jayanti.

Avijit Chakrovorty
3rd May 2016

All the best Jayanti

Sainath Savkur
2nd May 2016

All the Best Jayu. This is just a small donation.

Ranjana Monnappa
2nd May 2016

Happy Reading

Sandhya Gorthi
30th April 2016

What a wonderful initiative to make a difference in a heart wrenching situation.

Ajay Shukla
29th April 2016

Great initiative. All the best.

George Aikara
29th April 2016

All the best Jayanti

28th April 2016

Great work, Regards Reyansh and Aarohi

28th April 2016

God bless you! :-)




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