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Fight Against COVID-19 - Healthcare

UWM's interventions to fight COVID-19 are based on best practices of other affected communities & include emergency response measures and long term efforts to build resilience and rehabilitate affected communities.

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For several weeks now, a severe second wave of COVID-19 infections is wreaking havoc in the country. India now has more confirmed COVID cases per day than all other countries combined. Many hospitals grapple with an acute shortage of oxygen and beds, while morgues and crematoriums overflow. Experts have said India’s actual figures could be far higher than reported. One of the most pressing concerns has been the shortage of hospital beds, oxygen and equipment to treat patients. Not just individual patients but even hospitals have had to issue SOS calls asking for essential supplies. Numerous reports show that countless patients are losing lives not to the disease but due to the unavailability of medical resources, even when admitted to hospitals. This second wave has hit closer to home, with many of us being infected and also facing the loss of loved ones. At a time like this, we must come together and do our bit to support our overwhelmed public health infrastructure. We at United Way Mumbai were able to achieve a great deal during the first phase of our response due to the generosity of supporters like you. I request your support once again as UWM continues its fight against the pandemic. Our teams are already working with hospitals, government authorities and public health officials across the country, to provide them with the support needed. This includes the provision of beds, essential life-saving equipment and protective gear, all of which is in acute short supply. The task before us is huge and requires our collective effort. I hope you join me as I raise funds to supplement United Way Mumbai’s efforts to strengthen our public health systems and provide much-needed support to our hospitals and healthcare workers at this time of need. Stay safe and healthy.

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Our public health infrastructure is currently overwhelmed and struggling to cope with the surge in cases. To stay safe and cater to the needs of their patients, healthcare personnel require PPE Kits and medical equipment.

COVID-appropriate behaviour such as wearing masks, social distancing and sanitisation are still improperly followed and are worsened by rumours regarding vaccination, leading to people hesitant to take their shots. We aim to spread awareness about COVID-19 within low-income communities through mass awareness drives, community walks, one-on-one health enquiry, liaising with local government and community influencers.

We also aim to facilitate vaccine registrations in low-income communities in consultation with district and public health officials. Our teams will assist individuals in registering for the vaccine and provide transport to the vaccine centre for remote areas. The team will also follow up with them to ensure the second dose of vaccine is taken as per schedule.

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I feel privileged to work in the development sector where opportunities come my way, where I can help make a difference in someone's life. I am also very lucky to have friends, family, and colleagues who believe in my work and who have steadfastly stood by me in all my previous fundraising efforts. I have always fundraised whenever there is a challenge in our community that requires all of us to join hands if it must be addressed, in whatever capacity possible. Please support me this time too. Your contribution can save numerous lives.




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