Live United Against Diabetes

Who are unorganized sector workers? 
The unorganized sector is a unique population group in urban areas. The group comprises construction workers, truckers, leather industry work, weavers, artisans, those working in saw mills, those involved in preparation of food items for wholesale, workers in recycling units, rag pickers, workers in scrap markets, handicraft artisans, handloom weavers, dabbawalas (lunch box carriers)... the list continues.

Whom does Diabetes affect? How can it be identified?
Lancet (2017) validates further that Diabetes is becoming common among the urban poor.

Early diagnosis of Diabetes is a must, as the person can be symptom free for a long time while the condition might be progressing. Diabetes later affects almost every part of your body, including kidney, eyes, and nerves!

What does United Way Mumbai do to tackle Diabetes?
UWM undertakes various interventions under its campaign "Live United Against Diabetes":

The "Live United Against Diabetes" programme is being implemented with the support of Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation (BMSF). To know more or implement such a project in other potential communities, you can write to us here.

Ahmad, 44 years old, is a daily wage labourer at the Kurla scrap market in Mumbai. Ahmad is a native of West Bengal, but he migrated permanently with his wife and 3 daughters to Mumbai. Ahmad earns a meagre INR 200, a day.

His relatively thin body structure and physically demanding work convinced him that he was at no risk of developing diabetes. He was wrong. His blood sugar level was 440 mg/dl, when the normal range of glucose in blood is 70-140 mg/dl.

Initially, Ahmad was in denial, but further tests at the Rajawadi public hospital confirmed that he was Diabetic. As a family man, he was scared and worried about his and his family's future.


Gradually, he accepted that he was Diabetic and was provided with details about his condition. He came to understand the causes, symptoms and preventive measures that he needed to take. Today, Ahmad's diet is well planned and based on what he can afford. He is motivated to exercise in a relaxed state of mind. Ahmad's daughter reads out the Diabetes education pamphlet for him and his wife reminds him to take his medication daily.


This is the case of Ahmad's battle with Diabetes & there are many such Ahmads working in the unorganized sector in Mumbai, who are sure that they cannot develop Diabetes and are unaware of their condition.

United Way Mumbai tests and tracks workers from the unorganized sectors. The "at risk - individuals are referred for confirmatory tests and further home visit sessions are organized for them and their families. Home visits ensure provision of customized life-style modification messages.



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