• All the bibs allocated to your organization appear here.
  • If you wish to convert any bibs to Dream Run /CWD/Sr. Ctz. race category, click on ‘Change’ button reflecting below the race category, then and select the race category under ‘Bib Type’ and ‘Save Changes’
  • Half Marathon and 10k Bibs are already defined in the system. Conversion from any other race category to HM or 10k CANNOT be done.
  • Runner’s Name and Nationality must be updated by clicking on ‘Update’ button under the runner column against each bib.
  • Click on ‘Add Donations’ to this bib to enter the donations against the bib. Please enter the donor’s details here i.e. the Donor’s name, PAN No., Tel No., email & address. 80G receipt will be issued in the donor name entered here.
  • If you have made an incorrect donation entry against a bib, click on ‘Update Donation Status’ against that donation entry and select ‘Failed’. UWM will NOT consider the donation entries with ‘Failed Status’
  • You can add multiple cheques to each bib or single cheque for multiple bibs as the case may be. The amounts you have added appear under ‘Donations Entered’.
  • Whenever you are ready to submit, click ondownload bib summary. Print that sheet, highlight the bibs being submitted, attest the sheet, attach relevant cheques and submit to UWM. Cheques must be in favor of  'United Way of Mumbai'.
  • Physical copies of the runner forms are required and accepted ONLY for HM Untimed and 10k Women Untimed. For all the other race categories i.e. DR/FM/CWD/Sr. Ctz/HM timed/10k Timed, the runner will have to register themselves online using the voucher code which will be provided to you once you submit the bibs to UWM.
  • Once the donation cheques against the bibs are cleared, the voucher code would reflect in your Bib Manager against that Bib. You may share this voucher code with your runner so he can register directly with the event through a special link and use the voucher code in lieu of payment. This eliminates all the paperwork and getting runner forms filled. Runners would also get confirmed faster by the event registration team.
  • Half Marathon Untimed Runner Form – Click Here
  • 10k Women’s Untimed Runner Form – Click Here
  • To return allocated bibs, please write in
  • Last date to submit Charity Bibs to us is 22ndNovember 2017. If you do not utilize or return the bibs within the said timelines in the charity structure here, a deduction of Rs.1,000/- per unutilized bib is applicable from the deposit amount.
  • Eligible timing criteria for runners can be checked here
    Half marathon:
    Full Marathon:
    10K Timed: