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Support a Child under Project Ankur - the Born Learning Initiative of United Way Mumbai

Project Ankur recognizes that early childhood development plays a critical role in ensuring that a child is able to achieve her/his full potential as a healthy adult. This project strives to provide and environment of holistic development for children from disadvantaged communities, within the age group of 6 months to 6 years. Through Project Ankur we aim to improve their health and early learning abilities, ensuring a growth-appropriate development. 

The Born Learning Initiative

For as little as INR 875/- a month or INR 10,500/- a year, you can help create an enabling environment for a child to ensure optimum physical and cognitive development. With this contribution, the child can be provided with all the benefits that United Way Mumbai's Project Ankur provides, for setting the building blocks of good health from the very beginning, development of social-cognitive skills and, most importantly, a safe and nurturing environment. This will be done through result oriented and time bound interventions to ensure maximum social return on your investment on a child.

Be a part of Project Ankur- Support a child and ensure its holistic development.  

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