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India becomes the first country in the world to report over 4 lakh new cases on April 30, 2021. As the number of COVID cases surges in the country amidst the second wave, Radisson Hotels - United Way’s COVID response aims at aiding the ongoing efforts of the government.

COVID Response interventions

1.Hospital/COVID Care Center Support Package 
The existing medical infrastructure in the country is under a lot of pressure. There is an evolving need of oxygen related supplies including O2 concentrators, cylinders and equipment including testing machines, ECG, Bi Pap machine etc. at the hospitals and the special COVID care centres operated by the government. 

2.Vaccination Drive Support
The Indian government in April announced eased vaccination norms. United Way initiates a multi-city vaccination and mobilisation drive in collaboration with City Govt/District Administration.

3.Frontliners Support Package 
The frontline workers continue to work on ground in difficult conditions, our package aims at facilitating protective gear, supplies, and other essentials required to help protect the Frontliners and, also add ease in their line of duty.

4.Support for Migrant Labour/Families affected due to Pandemic
Due to the ongoing pandemic and lockdown announced once, the economic activity other than essential services has come to a halt, affecting the livelihoods of the thousands of migrant labours. We help migrant labourer’s families with family essentials kit (dry ration and hygiene supplies). 

5.Digital Education Support Package
A fair section of the government-school going children are facing difficulties in continuing their education due to lack of access to digital devices, internet connection. UW provides digital device and educational packages to children.

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` 206411.67 of ` 4500000

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