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Committed individuals raising funds for causes of their choice are the backbone of the philanthropic effort at the Mahindra Open Drive. UWM supports these individuals in this endeavour by providing an efficient, empowering and effective platform to raise funds for a cause. All fundraisers start by creating their fundraising page on the UWM website. Join these extraordinary fundraisers, by creating your own fundraising page here.

Fundraiser Privileges:
Fundraisers at the Mahindra Open Drive are eligible for some amazing privileges depending upon their Tribe Level. Details regarding these privileges are given below:

 Serial No.  Period  Privilege Details        
       INR 1500 - 4999 INR 5000 - 9999  INR 10,000 - 49,999  INR 50,000 - 99,999  INR 1 Lakh +
 1 Pre-Festival  Invite to the Festival   1 5 8 15  25
At the Festival
Digital Thank You Letter From MOD
3 At the Festival
Mahindra Open Drive Merchandise
4 At the Festival
Official MOD T-shirt
- Level Wise 
5  At the Festival
 F&B Coupons for the Festival
(Amount to vary on basis of levels)
     Worth INR 1000 Worth INR 2000  Worth INR 3000 
6 At the Festival
Free Access to Mahindra
Adventure Activities 
7  At the Festival
Mention on the Fundraisers' Wall in
the Festival Area 
8  After the Festival
Permanent Mention on
the MOD Website 
9  Before the Festival
Social Media Call-outs via
MOD and Digital Partners 
10 At the Festival  Meet and Greet with the Artists           
11 At the Festival
MOD Chief Jacket
12 After the Festival  Club Mahindra Holiday Package         For the first 10
Tribe Chiefs

Every Rupee you raise is funds that did not exist for your cause. Even the smallest amount can create transformative changes in the lives of beneficiaries.