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About the Mahindra Open Drive 2019 and Official Philanthropy Partner

What is the Mahindra Open Drive 2019?

Mahindra Open Drive 2019 (MOD) is a two-day festival for creating, celebrating and supporting communities of people who are driven to do good by means of storytelling, fundraising, entertainment, culture, and adventure. The event is scheduled to take place in Goa on 8th and 9th November 2019.


What is the role of United Way Mumbai at the Mahindra Open Drive 2019?

As the official philanthropy partner of the event, United Way Mumbai (UWM) enables the participating charities to raise funds for the efforts made towards 6 critical action points such as Education, Healthcare, Livelihood, Safety, Environment and Rights & Inclusions. All funds raised through the Mahindra Open Drive 2019 are channelized through UWM, which is responsible for accounting and providing tax exemption receipts to all donors.


How do I get an invite to Mahindra Open Drive?

There are two ways to get an invite for the festival –

  • Pledge by Fundraising: The same can be achieved by opening up a fundraising account to raise funds for a NGO and a cause of your choice - via our incentive program, fundraisers will be eligible to a certain number of invites depending on the funds raised
  • Support & Attend: A direct entry to the festival can also be earned by donating a fixed amount to a NGO and the cause of your liking. To know more log onto www.mahindraopendrive.com


What are the different kinds of invite packages?

There are three types of invites:

  • Day 1 Pass (8th November)
  • Day 2 Pass (9th November)
  • Season Pass (Both Days)

Is there an age restriction to the festival?

Mahindra Open Drive is open for all. The purchase and consumption of alcohol products will be strictly controlled at all times and will only be served to consumers over the age of 25. We will require government photo ID proof (ANY). This will be checked on entry to the festival, as well as at any other time on venue grounds.


Is the festival sustainable/environment friendly?

Mahindra Open Drive, in association with Skrap, will aim at making this a Zero Waste at the festival.


Why should an NGO register with United Way Mumbai for the MOD 2019?

United Way Mumbai is the official philanthropy partner for the Mahindra Open Drive 2019. NGOs who wish to participate to raise funds through the MOD 2019 are required to register with UWM. As an official philanthropy partner, UWM is responsible for accounting the funds raised and provide tax exemption receipts to all donors. Therefore, all funds raised through the MOD 2019 are channelized through UWM.

When will United Way Mumbai disburse the funds raised to the NGO?

Disbursements for all donations raised from the Mahindra Open Drive 2019 will be made before <date>.

As a fundraiser, How do I choose an NGO?

United Way Mumbai has partnered with the NGOs representing the 6 critical action points such as Education, Healthcare, Livelihood, Safety, Environment and Rights & Inclusions. All the registered NGOs are listed here: https://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/mod-participating-charities.htm

What is Fundraising?

Fundraising involves collecting donations for your supported NGO by tapping into your network of friends, family and colleagues. You can also post your appeal on various social media platforms to further raise awareness and funds for your chosen cause and NGO. Fundraising gives you the opportunity to advocate for the cause that you feel passionate about and to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged.

What is Online Fundraising?

This is an activity where the fundraiser asks their friends, family and colleagues to support their fundraising campaign by donating to a cause close to their heart. Interested donors can visit the fundraisers' page on UWM’s website and make donations through a secure payment gateway. United Way Mumbai will then transfer the amount the fundraiser has collected to the runner's chosen NGO. Online Fundraising also makes it possible to reach out to and collect donations for a good cause from people outside of the fundraisers residing city/country.

As a fundraiser will I receive a list with the names of the people who donated through my fundraising page?

The names of the donors, their email IDs and the amount they have contributed through your online fundraising page are accessible to you when you log in to your page.

Is there a minimum amount that a fundraiser should raise for the NGO?

There is no minimum amount that needs to be raised. However, to get an invite to the Mahindra Open Drive 2019, one must raise a minimum of INR 1,500. Therefore, we urge you to reach out to your networks and appeal for funds on behalf of the cause / NGO you chose to support.

As a fundraiser, what are the methods by which I can collect funds?

  • By creating a Fundraising Page on the UWM website and receiving donations online by debit/credit card payment method through a secured payment gateway.
  • Through offline mode - cheques / DDs / bank transfers to UWM’s account.

Please follow the following:

  • For offline donations, every donor needs to write a cheque in favour of 'United Way of Mumbai’
  • Enter the cheques /DD/bank transfer details on your fundraising dashboard under ‘enter cheque / DD details’ to generate a unique donation id
  • Download and take a printout of your donations and highlight the donation IDs of the cheques / DDs / bank transfer being submitted and submit to United Way Mumbai, 309, Nirman Kendra, Famous Studio Lane, Dr E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi Estate, Mumbai 400011, India.

As a fundraiser, can one collect funds in cash?

UWM does not accept cash donations. However, if a donor insists on giving funds in cash, when turning in the amount to United Way Mumbai, we request you to issue a consolidated cheque of the entire amount favouring "United Way of Mumbai" mentioning the donor details in the donation report so that UWM can issue the 80G receipts to the respective donors.

If friends and family of a fundraiser from overseas wants to send a cheque, what should they do?

It would be best if they can donate through their Indian debit/credit card. Otherwise, they can use their foreign/international credit card to donate on your fundraising page. Otherwise, they can send you cheque/s in favour of United Way of Mumbai and you can further submit it to UWM with the donation report.

Foreign donors will get receipts but will not get tax benefits. Additionally, we will update the amount received in our account after the deduction of banking charges (applicable for foreign cheques / direct bank transfer to UWM account). Please note this may take at least three to four weeks and your supporting NGO must have an FCRA certificate to receive foreign funds.

What happens if a fundraiser doesn’t reach the target?

With the right commitment, effort and fundraising plan you will definitely reach your target. United Way Mumbai will support you in reaching your fundraising goal. However, there is no penalty for not reaching the fundraising target.

Will donors get receipts for all the donations?

All donations above INR 100 are eligible for and 80G receipt. PAN number of the donor for a donation of INR 2,000 and above is mandatory. For foreign donations, mentioning the passport number is mandatory. PAN / Passport number will be kept confidential with UWM and will only be shared with authorized bank personnel / auditors (if needed).

What happens after a fundraiser has completed raising funds for Mahindra Open Drive 2019?

The money is accounted for at United Way Mumbai and then disbursed to the NGO you have chosen to fundraise for.

What percentage of the funds raised through a fundraising page will go to the supported NGO?

UWM will retain 10% of funds raised through the fundraising pages to defray payment gateway and administrative expense.

What is the last date of fundraising through Mahindra Open Drive?
The last day for Fundraising is the 18th of November 2019. The last date to lock all your event day incentives is the 3rd of November

How soon after a fundraiser sends the donation cheque/s will the donor get the receipts?

Receipts for all donations are emailed directly to the donor’s email id mentioned at the time of the donations. In case you want a duplicate receipt you can write to us at mod@unitedwaymumbai.org providing the donation ID and donor details.