Assam Flood Response 2022

The state of Assam has been facing floods and landslides since the 13th of June 2022. The situation turned critical by the 20th of June and continues to look grim. As on 17th June, eight rivers were flowing above high flood level and three rivers are flowing above the danger level. As rains abated around the 22nd of June, there was a slight improvement in conditions. However, Silchar in south Assam’s Barak valley remained submerged, even 48 hours after an embankment breach. Landslides have been reported in Dima-Hasao, Goalpara, Morigaon, Kamrup and Kamrup (M) in the last few days.

Barpeta is the worst hit district. Across the state, 112 Revenue Circles and 4941 village have been impacted by the flood. Over 150 deaths have been reported due to flooding and landslides.

Floods of this intensity have not been experienced before in the region, and therefore the communities which were ill prepared are suffering. The places which are badly affected, were not previously known as flood prone areas. While government measures are underway for evacuation to save lives, lakhs of families have lost their homes, belongings and livelihoods. As in the aftermath of any flood, they are also at risk for spread of waterborne disease

We request your support to reach out to families in this time of need. United Way Mumbai’s approach to disaster response includes immediate relief, as well as mid-term and long term rehabilitation of affected communities.

With your support, we can stand #UnitedForAssam.

Immediate Relief

In the immediate relief phase, we are working with the district administration and on ground partners to assess needs of affected communities in the worst hit districts such as Cachar, Nagaon, Hojai, Darang, Barpeta, Bajali, Baksa, Nalbari, Kamrup (Rural), Kamrup (Metro), Marigaon, Dhemaji, Lakhimpur, Dhuburi, Chirang, South Salmara, Mankachar and others. The main concerns at present are related to safety of families that have been displaced and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene).

Some of the current needs on ground are as follows. These will continue to be updated as the relief efforts continue on ground.

Food Essentials Kit

With lakhs of individuals displaced from their homes, affected families are in need of basic food essentials for their daily needs. Families will be provided with dry ration kits including items such as pulses, oil, salt, wheat flour, vegetables, tea, sugar, baby food and other essentials. The quantities provided in these kits will be sufficient to last a family of 4 to 5 members for 15 days at the least. 

The cost of a food essentials kit for a family is INR 2500 

  Hygiene Kit

Inundation and lack of toilet facilities pose the threat of spread of diseases amongst affected families. Providing hygiene facilities for persons who have been displaced from their homes will help ensure they prevent diseases and live with dignity. A hygiene kit for a family includes items such as soaps, detergent, sanitary napkin, toothbrush, toothpaste, bucket, cleaning agents, etc. 

The cost of one hygiene kit for a family is INR 1750/- 

Non-Food  Items

While food requirements for many are fulfilled by government and humanitarian agencies, non-food items – which are often more expensive – are required to help families meet their basic need for safety and shelter until they can be rehabilitated. A non-food item kit for a family includes items such as tarpaulins, ground sheet, nylon rope, bed sheet, mosquito net, plates, glasses, cooking utensils and candle packets. 

The cost of one non-food item kit for a family is INR 9040/- 

 Clean Drinking Water

Flooding results in contamination of water sources, making the availability of potable water a scarce resource, in affected regions. Families will be provided with non-electric water purifiers that will ensure easy access to clean drinking water and reduce the risk of diseases spread through water contamination. The filters require no additional maintenance cost and retain essential minerals and salts needed for the body.

The cost of each water filter for a family is INR 3100/-. 

Medical Camps
Those needing medical attention are in larger number than normal and services are restricted. Temporary medical camps will be organized with the objective of providing immediate and basic health services to affected populations and preventing spread of epidemics. These camps will be run through Mobile Health Units comprising of a team of qualified medical consultants, pharmacist, driver cum community mobiliser. The team will also facilitate spread of disinfectants in common places as well as water-logged areas to provide improve hygiene and safety. Families shall be given free medical consultations and issued basic and important medications on a case-to-case basis. 

It is expected that each camp can cater to about 200 patients per day and about 2000 patients over 10 days. The cost of one health camp (10 days) is INR 2.9 lakh. 

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Mid-Term / Long Term Rehabilitation

Mid-term and long term will be assessed as needs evolve on ground. Based on our experience of disaster response in this region, we understand these will include:
  • Disinfection of community tubewells and raising the platforms: 
  • Reconstruction/ Restoration of shelters 
  • Reconstruction/ Restoration of public infrastructure: Community halls, schools, Anganwadi centers, etc. 
  • Disaster preparedness: Construction of high raised platforms and community halls for the communities in the flood prone areas 
  • Livelihood restoration: 
    • Supporting farmers with farm inputs (seeds, equipment, etc.)
    • Supporting fishing communities with fishing equipment (boats, nets, etc.)

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