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Volunteering opportunities

National Volunteer Programme

This is an upcoming programme for those who want to experience volunteering opportunities with United Way and its network across the country.

The program would facilitate volunteering with all its NGO partners in different locations.

  • United Way of Mumbai has around 50 NGO partners which work on various issues like
  • Volunteer requirement form will be filled up and acquired from NGO partners.
    1. Qualification expected
    2. Specific area of work / project
    3. Number of volunteers needed
    4. Duration of work
  • Details regarding the volunteer criteria required for various NGOs will be put up on the website and volunteers will be allocated NGOs according to the applications received

Currently, there are various one-off projects and activities that can be undertaken by volunteers in addition to administrative tasks. To know where exactly you would like to contribute, please write to

Volunteer Program for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon Project

United Way of Mumbai, the Lead Charity Partner for the SCMM, invites volunteers to come and make the event a success by your participation. You don't need any prior experience to volunteer, just a commitment to work.
Your Work Profile will contain a range of activities: (You can choose any or all of the following activities)

  • Design and create posters, emailers, collaterals
  • General administrative and co ordination activities
  • Participating in events like -
    1. Expo days
    2. Race day
    3. Charity Meets
    4. Corporate & HR workshops and the like
  • And much more...

Please email us the following details along with your CV and we will get back to you.

Email Id
Phone Number
How many days in a week can you commit?

Please Note:

  • Decision on volunteer selection and the criteria for selection will be at the sole discretion of the organizers.
  • Applicants must be over the age of 18 years.

You can email us at:

Volunteer Program for United Way Mumbai Helpline

Corporate Ward Adoption Programme (CWAP)
Responsibilities of volunteers for the program in general are:

  • Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Coordinating, Resourcing, Budgeting and Evaluating.
  • Their responsibilities can be specifically categorized into Direct and Indirect volunteering.

Direct Volunteering responsibilities -

  • Mapping activities
  • Safe House Assessment and Resource Mapping
  • Networking/ Interaction with ward level stakeholders
  • Organize any civic campaign in the ward
  • Report writing
  • Proposals/ Collaterals/ Corporate fund raising

Indirect Volunteering responsibilities -

  • Multi-stakeholder process at ward level
  • Participants in ward level campaigns like- tree plantation, awareness drives, etc.
  • Disaster Training Volunteers

Clean - Up! Mumbai

Direct Volunteering responsibilities-

  • Mobilizing College youths (contacting colleges, organizing meetings with Principals, making presentations, etc.
  • Facilitate intervention between citizens and marshals through ward level meetings
  • Organize/ facilitate clean- up drives
  • Website management updates
  • Proposal and report writing, collaterals, corporate fund raising

Indirect Volunteering Responsibilities-

  • Warning card, fining volunteers from colleges, citizen groups and NGOs
  • Participants in clean - up / awareness drives at ward level
  • Local support group for clean-up

Please write to us for more details on