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Volunteer Testimonial

Volunteering at United Way was an enriching experience for me. Primarily, I was engaged in administration work for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2009.

This gave me an insight about functioning of corporate-based NGOs like United Way. I helped in organizing first responder first aid training programme for college students. I used to contact and follow up with colleges to obtain their consent for conducting disaster response training programme for their students. After attending the training programme I felt prepared to deal with emergency situation and offer help in a right manner. I was also involved in the United Way Mumbai Helpline and corporate ward adoption programme. I assisted in preparing reports of various wards by collecting information about the demography, geography, areas which require improvement etc. i used to check what facilities are available in the schools/colleges declared as safe houses by the BMC. i reckon that skills which I've learned while volunteering for united way are transferable to any business environment and this is going to help me in facing the corporate world in a better manner. Most importantly, it raised my social awareness and enhanced my social and inter-personal skills. Visit to a school in a slum in Bandra and spending time with underprivileged kids was a fulfilling experience.
- Gunjan

To volunteer at United-Way Mumbai is one of the best experiences of my life. The United Way team is very caring, motivating, and full of enthusiasm and team spirit. I am so inspired by these people. From the very first day I was given opportunities to contribute. I was given diverse tasks such as to make template for impact analysis, prepare MoUs and NGO database. Although one month time was too less to accomplish something, working at UWM is a very good learning experience. I feel this was the best way I could utilize my vacation.
- Vidushi

I have been volunteering for United Way Mumbai from March 2008. I have found my time volunteering here both enjoyable as well as knowledgeable. The staff here have been extremely supportive and helpful to me which helped me adjust and acclimatize to the type of work these people do which was completely new to me since I had never been to an office and knew nothing about how things work out in one!

Being an Engineering student I found the flexible volunteering options at United Way Mumbai very helpful. Also I regularly had co-volunteers working with me, most of them from outside India. Interacting with them gave me great insight into their cultures, way of life and more about their respective countries. It was truly an enlightening experience. The experience of working on campaigns like 'Clean Up Mumbai' and developing presentations on financial details of various NGO's has not only instilled an added sense of confidence in me but also given me a new insight into how things work out in the real world. Another thing that I thoroughly enjoyed was drafting mailers for corporates and corresponding with executives of various MNC's.

But the most cherished experience with United Way would be working on the Mumbai Marathon. My range of work went from interacting with various corporates and NGO partners to actually registering them for the event and assisting in the administrative tasks related to the marathon. Just a year back, I wondered how the logistics of such a mega event would go about, and there I was, a year later, working on one myself. It is only at United Way Mumbai do you get such an opportunity!

The marathon race day was another memorable experience. Being amongst the oldest volunteer, I was made the head volunteer and assigned to the VIP section. It is needless to say the amount of experience and knowledge I gained after managing the flow of events there and from managing high-profile celebrities to handling the police assigned to protect them. I will never forget this experience of mine!

I am extremely grateful to the United Way Mumbai staff for making my volunteering experience not only educational but thoroughly enjoyable!
- Sahil

The time I spent volunteering with United Way of Mumbai has been of great experience for me.

The running of an NGO does not only require field work, as was my belief before joining United Way, but a lot of management and creativity. Working here as a volunteer has given a very wide prospect of all the fields that require our attention and what all are the ways a common man can contribute.

Through United Way, I had a first hand experience of how things are done. The practical experience I gained is of undeniable importance and has helped me to gain more confidence in my work.

Overall, volunteering with United Way has been a pleasant experience and everybody there has been very kind and helpful to me. I, once again, would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you.
- Divya