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Volunteers are a very vital part of our organization.

Your service is invaluable. In order to work well with the staff and to promote United Way- Mumbai Helpline in the best possible manner, we ask that you adhere to the following policies and procedures.

Responsibility and Dedication to Our Mission

Volunteers must support our philosophies both inside and outside United Way- Mumbai Helpline. Volunteers are expected to take their commitment seriously. Volunteers agree to conduct themselves in a professional manner with co-workers and the public.


Volunteers are expected to adhere to attendance policies as follows:

  • Volunteers must inform his/her supervisor of contact hours per week.
  • In the event of sickness you must call in and report that you will not be coming in. For vacations or other absences planned in advance, submit a Vacation/Sick Leave Form to your supervisor indicating the dates you will be away.
  • Volunteers are asked to keep track of their time. Volunteer hours are useful in showing the amount of time volunteers contribute to United Way- Mumbai Helpline's operations. Please complete the attendance log each day of service.

Volunteer Orientation

All volunteers are required to participate in a volunteer orientation session prior to starting work, which consists of a short film and PPT on United Way- Mumbai Helpline and its projects, and a short interview.

Reimbursement Of Business Expenses

Volunteers will be reimbursed for expenses while on official business. These include transportation, hotel, etc. Transportation to and from the office is not reimbursable.


All volunteers will be matched with a full-time employee or a supervisor on the basis of his or her skills. He/she will report directly to the supervisor. Indirect supervision will be provided by the Volunteer Director.

Volunteers are expected to maintain a task list throughout their tenure which should be saved in the central server.


Certification: Volunteers are provided with a work certificate addressed to their professor, dean or superior highlighting accomplishments.

Evaluation: Volunteers may be provided with an evaluation highlighting strong points and areas of improvement.

Accidents And Injuries

Any accident or injury occurring on the job must be reported to your supervisor immediately.
It is recommended that you seek medical attention from your physician any time an injury occurs.

Storage Of Personal Items

It is recommended that you do not bring valuable items with you to the office. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. See your supervisor for areas available to store your personal items during your shift.

End of Service

Volunteers are requested to fill out the Exit Interview Form just before the end of your volunteer period.