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Third Party Auditors-MCGM

UNITED WAY OF MUMBAI- Third Party Auditor, for the Clean-Up Mumbai Campaign of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

Our vision: "To Make Mumbai a Better Place to Live In".

Partnership with MCGM......

In October, 2007 United Way - Mumbai Helpline was invited by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) to partner on its 'Clean-up Mumbai Campaign'. In fact, we believe that such a public-private partnership is a fitting move towards addressing the various civic issues in the city.

Our Role

Under the 'Clean-up Mumbai Campaign', United Way Mumbai Helpline has been allotted the major task of facilitating the third party audit of the campaign at the ward level by mobilizing local Advanced Locality Managements/ Citizens' Groups and the NGOs. This also entails efforts to facilitate interaction between the citizens' groups / NGOs, the Security Agencies and the ward officials of MCGM.

The basic idea behind us being the Third Party Auditor is to get feedback and reports from citizens and Civil Society groups on the performance of the campaign at the ward levels. The feedback invited is on the following aspects:

  • Actual number of Clean-Up Marshals deployed in the ward.
  • The amount of time these clean-up marshals patrol the ward.
  • Unattended Chronic areas in your ward.
  • Observation of these areas if they are removed as a result of actions taken by the Clean-up Marshals.
  • Overall improvement in the state of cleanliness in the ward as a result of implementation of this campaign.
  • Any other valuable suggestions and feedback for better implementation of the campaign.

To know more about United Way of Mumbai's initiatives under Clean-Up Mumbai campaign, please visit

Since, this campaign has a provision for Third Party Audit to be carried out in order to evaluate the operations periodically. The Advanced Locality Management (ALMs) groups, other citizens' initiatives and NGOs are expected handle the audit of this campaign at the ward level in close coordination with the concerned security agency and the ward officials. This ,we believe would help in making the Clean-up Mumbai campaign more transparent, accountable to the citizens and thereby ensure the effectiveness of its impact on the city. 

We take the privilege of inviting the citizens, ALMs, NGOs and all other civil society groups to come forward and take ownership of this campaign in their respective wards. This campaign can only succeed with active participation from citizen groups and individuals. With this you can also ensure that your immediate surroundings near your office or residence are well maintained. You would have access to the list of the security agencies active in the various wards through our website. Accordingly localites can be in touch with the agency in charge of your ward and work closely. 

Some of the major initiatives taken up by United Way of Mumbai as Third Party Auditors with the help of MCGM are as below:

Warning Cards & Sheriff's Blow the Whistle Campaign

  • Sheriff of Mumbai supported initiative
  • Aimed at spreading awareness among citizens: Whistle blown whenever a defaulter is spotted
  • Over 2500 citizens have already signed up for the Warning cards and are spreading the message by warning people found dirtying the public places

College Ward Adoption Program

  • Tie-up with colleges who've agreed to adopt a ward
  • College Youth marshals out to fine defaulters

Citizen Part-time Clean-up Marshals

  • City-caring citizens add force to the campaign
  • Permitted to warn and fine defaulters in public places

We are currently in the process of maintaining a database of ALMs, NGOs and other civil society groups in the city who are working on the cleanliness and related issues. Our email address is exclusively meant for communicating with all these groups, keep them updated with information about the campaign and the details of all security agencies involved. This is used as a forum for all the citizens, NGOs and the media groups for their suggestions and feedback.

As you are a part of Mumbai city, your support is crucial in making it cleaner & greener ...... come be a part of this campaign and make a difference!!!