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Slum Cleanliness

Most of Mumbai's slums have unhygienic living conditions. The Slum Cleanliness Training Program has been created to combat the issue of garbage clearance and collection. The idea is to help people help themselves!

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai began the 'Dattak Vasti Yojana' (Slum Adoption Scheme) to encourage Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to clean their own localities. Initially, the scheme entailed only encouraging local residents to form their own groups and take up contracts with MCGM for cleaning the area.

Subsequently, United Way of Mumbai was approached to add to this endeavor under the aegis of the Helpline project. United Way of Mumbai organized especially created training programmes for these CBOs with the support of MCGM. It has also agreed to subsidize by 50% the course fees for training the officials of the CBOs.

Details of this training program are:-

  • It's a 3 months certificate course in Waste Management and Waste Segregation at Ruia College.
  • The course includes field visits arranged to different organizations working on this issue.

So far, 4 batches have been successfully completed where 214 leaders have been trained. The 5th batch is running with 44 students.

Pilot Project started with 5 CBOs

As a litmus test of the training program effectiveness, United Way Mumbai Helpline and MCGM conducted a pilot project with 5 CBOs. Four slums were the target of this project wherein an attempt was made to facilitate segregation and local composting of the wet waste. The objective was to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill sites. In all of the participating slums, a sample of 200 families were motivated and taught the importance of waste segregation and to put into operation a vermicomposting pit.